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Walk to the top of Mt. Pendeli (12/01/2021)
(Tender Vittles and Mad Dog)





Picnic in Kefalari Grove (11/01/2021)
(The CCC gang: Coke Dealer, Cabriolaid, Clitoria)




Happy New Year from Jack Of Trumps (05/01/2021)


Which beer is best? - Strawberry4Skin (04/01/2021)


Mountaintop Yoga - Fiery Twat (03/01/2021)


Walk and excercise in Melissia (03/01/2021)
(MD,DS,TV,KP,Sebastian and Violet)




Walk (and pre-lunch drink) on local hills - Ano Melissia (02/01/2021)






Mad Dog, Doggie Style, Tender Vittles, Krazie Puppy & Sevi say...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Hashers


NYE Virtual Drinks









Boxing Day walk on Filopappou Hill (26/12/2020)




Boxing Day walk on Mount Pendeli (26/12/2020)






Pussy Basher & Jo's Christmas greetings (25/12/2020)


Christmas beer - Fiery Twat (25/12/2020)


Mad Dog with gift Christmas sweater (25/12/2020)


Jacket Off back home in the USA (25/12/2020)

Pussy Basher & Evelyn"s run on Filopappou Hill (21/12/2020)



Mad Dog's walk and run in the fog on Mount Pendeli (18/12/2020)


Messing around on Facebook Messenger (15/12/2020)




Virtual Drinks on Facebook Messenger (12/12/2020)







Displacement hashing activity Sunday morning Ag Iouanniou (06/12/2020)


Virtual Drinks on Facebook Messenger (05/12/2020)



Pussy Basher meets a tortoise while running on Filopappou Hill (05/12/2020)


Fiery Twat on walks from her village - Tyros (03/12/2020)




Wet Dream - (03/12/2020) (


Mad Dog with hash tankards at home (03/12/2020)





Strawberry4Skin develops a hobby of dog photography




L-to-R: Tender Vittles, Violet, Doggie Style, Sebastian, Mad Dog
walking in the ancient quarries area near the top of Mount Pendeli (30/11/2020)

Mad Dog excercising at home (29/11/2020)



Strawberry4Skin and Leanover walking on the beach (27/11/2020)



Tender Vittles, Mad Dog, and kids walk on Mount Pendeli (15/11/2020)





Jack-of-Trumps: From the 1st lockdown,
individual exercise next to open-space installation (11/04/2020)


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