Photos: Tender Vittles, Mad Dog, Jacket Off



Fair Cop returning from the first falsie behind the Ag. Triada church


Rim Job is looking for trail markings


On-On CU Alex


CU Evelyn stands inside a check


Tender Vittles takes a selfie


Fabulous countryside


Fair Cop and Mad Dog


Evelyn with the hash horn


Heading up a bank and into long shiggy



Tender Vittles and Fair Cop


Rim Job prepares some sticks - but why?


The trail leads into the disused brick factory


>>>>>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>>>>> Panoramic view of the disused brick factory >>>>>>


Runner's group photo inside the derelict building


Dogs are being kept in kennels inside the building - but by whom and why? Mad Dog poses with one.


A SHOCKING picture. A disused electrical switchboard


Runner's group photo



The hare Mad Dog poses with his super-check





Wonder what these brown weeds are?


Walking through a field of "What the f**k".

These little buggers stick to anything and everything , especially trainers and socks


Now we know where the idea for Velcro came from.

Just look at those strong little hooks.


Rim Job stepping over the fence at the bottom of the field


Other runners follow


Group photo after reaching the lake. Some hashers practice their Simian impressions. Camera set on 10 second timer.



Camera set on 10 second timer again.


The channel extending round the side of the lake to prevent contamination from farmland


>>>>>>> Panoramic view of the lake >>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>>>


Channel for clean rainwater to enter the lake


Built by the original water company EEY


A manual sluice gate


Water sampling platform


Rim Job and Tender Vittles think a swim in the lake would be a good idea



Rim Job slides down the rock and jumps into the cold lake water


Tender Vittles closely follows. Note the flock of seagulls rising from the water due to the noise of the splash.


Tender Vittles dives in


Pussy Basher and the girls find an easier spot to enter the water. Pussy Basher strips off and dives in. The girls hesitate.


H'mm. Looks a bit murky. Lots of weed.


Rim Job has swum across to the platform followed by Tender Vittles who tries to encourage the girls to jump in.


Meanwhile Pussy Basher is enjoying the swim


Tender Vittles poses while standing on the railings


The girls decide to enter the water from the platform.



Tender Vittles demonstrates how they should jump in.


Kiki goes in first


And then Evelyn follows


After the initial shock of the cold water they appear to enjoy the experience



A view showing the scenic surroundings


After their swim, the swimmers pose for a shot next to a water company warning notice


On-On and back to the cars and circle


Looking back at the gate with sign that leads doen to the lake - on the walker's trail


Interesting rock outcrop


>>>>>>> Panoramic view out to the lake - on the way up to the church >>>>>>>




Our socially-distanced circle - wearing their coloured grouping ribbons


Swimmer Rim Job wearing his towel and using his own tankard


Everyone has a bad hair day


Tender vittles about to award Bag Lady's 25 run mug drops it on the ground. Oops!


A shocked Bag Lady has a look of relief as she is given the real one



The Hare - Mad Dog



Coke Dealer receives her 300 run badge



Also a bottle of Shampagne. Get a life CD :-)


A special award for 600 runs - Mad Dog is presented with a badge & personalised hoodie



Clitoria also has a 600 run custom designed gift top


Can it really be 600 runs? Seriously "Get a life"


Designer Pussy Basher shows off the newly designed AH3 generic t-shirt


The circle with scenic background


Glad you could join us. Do come back.


The swimmers Rim Job, Evelyn, Shoulder Boulder are feeling a little warmer now


Tender Vittles



Rear Entry





Just Alex is seated in the circle on the drinks cooler


Alex, do that aeroplane impression


We do a flying club song (Dam Busters)


You are not worthy


Baptism of beer and water


And a little extra





(No Taverna goers today)






From Pussy Basher's Garmin watch


From Mad Dog's Strava app


Elevation profile. Note the 100m elevation range



The trail superimposed on a Google Earth Pro satellite map


The trail superimposed on a Google Earth Pro satellite map - Hi-Res image


Location map of the run


Walker's trail



Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:




DATE: 25 October 2020 (11:00 am)

RUN: 2121-ish

VENUE: Marathon Lake (Aghia Triada church)

HARE: Mad Dog

ON-INN: Picnic (bring your own food) or if you prefer, a Taverna in Stamata


There are 2 ways to get to the start: following the National Road northwards or following the main road [Kifisias Ave] coming North through Kifissia, Nea Erythrea, Drossia, Anoixi

From Anoixi, take the road to Marathon Lake (turn right 500m after the petrol station on the left)

In ALL CASES follow the road signs to Agios Stefanos.

Be careful: the exit on the National Road leading to Agios Stefanos is some kilometers AFTER the exit for Varibobi.

Then follow the signs to Marathon Lake.

Approx. 350 m after the point where the two roads meet (the one from Agios Stefanos - called Leoforos Marathonos (#83),
the other from Stamata - called Megalou Alexandrou) you will find a small sign pointing left towards the church of Agia Triada.
Follow this little dirt road (on the left) for about 1 km, until you reach the parking area just before the church.
The run will start from there.

For Sat Navvies:

38.157773, 23.887488 (Exact location of the church)

NOTE: Your GPS navigator may take you through dirt roads going through agricultural areas if you use the church location.

So use the following location (the turn-off to the church from the main road Leof. Marathonos leading to the Marathon dam)

38°09'02.6"N, 23°53'10.3"E ---OR---  38.150725, 23.886187     (Exact location of the turnoff to the church)

Then proceed down the dirt track for 1.1 km (4 mins) until you reach the church parking area.

NOTE: There is a small brown sign on the right on Leof. Marathonos pointing to the turn-off on the left (see photo).

Also, there are small flags hung between the trees enclosing the turn-off (not visible in the photo).

NOTE FOR PICNICKERS: Bring chairs (and table) if you can. There is a picnic table near the church but it may be taken.





1. MASKS IN CARS – If you are giving or getting a lift, you MUST wear your mask. Keeping car windows open may also help.

2. AT THE HASH – Hash Cash will be splashing on the sanitizer, and it will be available for hashers too.

There is a requirement to wear a mask outdoors, but only in the circle (groups of 9)

3. On-Sex – It has been a long time, but please refrain from grabbing, groping and snogging the other hashers. “Elbow bumps” will have to suffice.

4. Down-downs – The beer bitch and the RA will be thoroughly scrubbed, and the coolers sanitized. No re-use of mugs, (bring your own if you want).

5. Rubbish – dump your own rubbish in the bag. Don’t ask someone else to pick it up.

6. On-inn – We will probably be on tables of four.. If you prefer a plate of your own, that is fine. If you are happy to share in the normal hash style, please be extra aware of how food is shared.



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