Arriving at the meeting point


Sevi and Violet on their scooters under the Calatrava walkway


Strawberry4Skin joins Tender Vittles and Mad Dog for the run


Social distancing while the Novel Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic has reduced in Athens but still continues.



As live hare, Tender Vittles was given a few minutes start

Looking for the continuation of the trail at the first check. A large area to search for 2 runners MD & S4S.


Mad Dog at the second check (note dog behind us)


The hare TV waited for us and then continued laying trail


The trail led by the main Olympic swimming pool.

MD persuades TV and S4S to pose as competitors.


View of the whole pool (sadly, no spectators to cheer us)


TV suggests a quick dip as nobody is around. S4S says he's up for it.

MD says he has to make a photographic record of this.


S4S beats TV to the start


But TV overtakes and heads for the end of lane-9





TV makes it to the end of lane 9 (or is it 10)


A brief stop and then the swim back to the start


Mad Dog's turn to undress and go in


S4S gives MD a feigned push


Hey, this water is nice and warm!


Oops! A security guard turn up and tells us to follow him.

Now are we in trouble?


TV takes photos as we follow the guard


The guard takes us up flights of stairs - are we being taken to the security office?


TV takes a photo of our reflection in the glass wall...

But finally the guard points us to the exit and is glad to get rid of us foreigners.


A photo by the sign pointing to the swimming pool



The ending point of the trail was at the bottom of the steps near the periptero

- and a thirst-quenching beer carried by the hare from the car .


What did you think of the trail?


The hare's down-down


Accusation time


Mad Dog tripped and fell on the pavement while running outside OAKA


Cuts and grazes to prove it


Mad Dog and Krazie Puppie



Group photo under tha Calatrava Walkway for a bit of shade from the hot sun.




From the Strava website (recorded on MD's iPhone-6)


Showing the starting location (The periptero close to the stadium entrance and Eirini metro station)


Showing the main olympic swimming pool where we swam (and our escorted exit to the right).


The trail (from Strava .gpx file) displayed on the Google Earth Pro program


Showing the location of OAKA and trail in Athens and surroundings



Date: 5th July 2020
Time: 11.00 am
Run no, 2114
Venue: Close to OAKA
Hare: Tender Vittles
Trail type: Live, A to A’
Theme: the “Hot and Wet”
Note: Expect rain (actually, expect anything including wildebeests)

Come join Tender Vittles on the “Hot and Wet” trail this Sunday 5th July @ 11am.
Location: (38.0421175, 23.7853380) the períptero on the main Neratziotissis road, it is close to S?.??????S train station and just outside the Olympic stadium.

Comment: It is forecast to rain this Sunday or so I have been told. Therefore, this will be a live trail, bring a change of clothes. There will be a covered ending for circle.

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