Vravrona wetlands and historical area








History check







Bag Lady and Pussy Basher returning from a falsie




Wetlands water runoff


Start of the wetlands trail


Rear Entry jumps across the stream...


Closely followed by Pussy Basher





Second falsie


Crossing a dilapidated bridge










Runners and walkers meet up


Pussy Basher takes a photo


...and another



Fair Cop poses for the camera



The water looks clear and irresistible. Fair Cop decides to go for a swim.


Fair Cop jumps with joyful anticipation


Sh....t! It's freezing!


Fair Cop scrambles out of the water at lightning speed, grazing knees on sharp rocks


Little island in the bay with small church










Bag Lady is awarded her 25 run mug and badge


And Amawanka receives his 50 run mug and badge


Well done!


Oxymoron makes his traditional appearance for the circle



Korali fish taverna located on the road to Loutsa

(Large seating area almost full despite the corona virus outbreak)





Rear Entry takes the photograph

NOTE: 15 euros each


Coffee and cake at FC and WD's pad





From Pussy Basher's Garmin watch


From Mad Dog's iPhone Strava app


GPX file projected onto Google Earth (PC installed program)


Location of Vravrona relative to the International Airport




Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Date: Sunday 08th March 2020 @ 11am aka 11.00hrs
Run: 2111-ish
Hare: Fair Cop
Venue: Vravrona Archaeological Museum
On Inn: Korali taverna

A bit of quality scenery to look forward to, and a decent walk too. Even the opportunity for a spot of paddling if you want!
Pushchair friendly. Fine taverna. Beer.
R*n will start from the car park of the Vravrona Archaeological site / museum
Public Transport:
Not Easy!! You’re better off asking for a lift, but if you’re determined, and start early,
the 304 goes from Nomismatokopeio to the big Vravrona hotel.

Why not make use of the Athens Hash Social & Chat group on WhatsApp?

From the North:
Head for Loutsa. Go down the hill to the sea and turn RIGHT at the lights. Follow this road for about 6km!!
Past the Revoil petrol station…
Past FC & WD’s house…
Past the Ippokampos seafront café…
Past the Hotel (currently Dolce Attica Riviera)…
Just when you think the road has turned away from the sea, there’s a left turn. Turn Left…
After 1km, turn left into the car Park of the Archaeological museum.

From the South:
From Glyfada, through Vari, to Koropi. Turn right and right again toward
Markopoulo. At the traffic lights across the dual carriageway in Markopoulo, you want to go straight
Markopoulo has a difficult one way system!
Pass the "South Park" cafe on the left, and at the next junction there is a petrol station on the opposite corner. Turn left here.
Follow this road, across the lights, until you reach the "No Entry" sign.
Turn right because you have to.
Follow this road to the T-Junction, with a café opposite, and turn left.
You are now on the road out of Markopoulou, heading for Porto Rafti.
Continue along this road, past ElectroNet and the Police Station.
After a short distance you will see a traffic island - turn left towards Artemida.
Follow the Artemis road through the back country for about 6km.
There’s a sharp right turn, and after about 1km a junction. Go right (actually more like straight-on)
After another 1km, turn left into the Museum. We meet in the car park..

It will take you at least 35 minutes from Mesogeion, or at least 20 from the Airport

For Sat Navvies:   37.924155N, 23.997686E

For Culture Enthusiasts: http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/1/eh151.jsp?obj_id=3359

GPS https://goo.gl/maps/FkwM9RUuqmT92dSY8PLUS CODE WXFW+VR Artemida, ??teµ??

3 words ///distances.bikers.headband

Lost? Directionally Challenged??
GPS not working or you don’t know even what it is? Just plain stupid???
Call: the Hare: Fair Cop 693 209 6555