AGIOS STEFANOS - Railway Station

Sunday 2nd February 2020

Run No. 2106

Hare: Just Alex

Photos: Jack of Trumps, Just Alex, Mad Dog


Bag Lady arrived by train


Hashers gather for the hare's briefing


Virgin hare Just Alex explains the joys of his trail.

Kudos for a new hashing location.


It's a bit long he says


"Is there much uphill" asks Fiery Twat (or something along those lines)


The walkers also get a briefing


And they are away!


Chalk checks and arrows on the roads and pavements


The urban trail quickly turns into...




One runner (no names) embarks on some botanical research on the way


Photos of the front runners at the first viewpoint



Arriving at a ridge with panoramic views on both sides >>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>


View from the other side of the road   >>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>


All the runners pose for a group photo taken using the camera on a stand and it's self-timer.

Pity the dried grass got in the way.


Another attempt got it right


Heading down into the Marathon Lake valley



Runners meet up with the walkers



Fiery is excited by an early Sping flower she hash seen


It's down there she says


We head on down the path to see this flower.

Tender Vittles gives encouragement to our visitor from London who is about to skirt a puddle.


Our visitor fearlessly photographs the flower


Runners and walkers pose for a group photo


Off they go again


Sevi poses by a brook


Over the bridge and back to the station


Heading along the platform to the hashers parked cars


Jacket Off arrives back carrying his jacket which he has taken off



Oxymoron arrives at the hash just in time for the Circle





The hashers circle-up to see the hare receive his down-down



Oxymoron looks on in amusement



Doggie Style with son-in-law Tender Vittles and grandson Sevi



Hare Just Alex has his trail rated by the runners and walkers


Doggie Style and CU Kiki


Jacket Off for watering the trail


Joined by Mad Dog for photographing him


Fiery Twat emphasises some point or other


Jack of Trumps is back from not going anywhere


Hashing visitor from the London hash is welcomed



Clitoria interviews and checks-out a virgin hasher


Rear Entry (haberdasher) calls in the hare to give him his virgin hare t-shirt


Just Alex with his new t-shirt


Oxymoron gets a DIO for arriving just for the circle (as usual). It's good to see him!


How's registration for the Island Weekend going?


Clitoria asks everyone in the circle "Have you registered for Corfu?"


Jacket Off advertises his upcoming hash


How many are going to the taverna? Just Alex counts the hands.



(Called Lovely Greece)

Platia Anixeos in Anoixi, N. Athens


View of Platia Anixeos



Inside the taverna (a bit blurry due to low lighting)


Novel wall decorations


We are entertained by a bouzouki band


Taverna business card



Napkin packet

Nice food. Cost per person: 14 euros


Location of the taverna at Platia Anixeos in Anoixi


Agios Stefanos and Anoixi



Trail recording from Jack of Trumps Garmin watch


Trail recording from Mad Dog's apple watch


Trail recording from Mad Dog's iPhone SE Strava app



The trail (Google Earth) showing Marathon Lake at the top (the lake could be seen while on the run)


The trail (Google Earth) showing it's northerly location with respect to central Athens




Date: Sunday 02nd February 2020 @ 11am aka 11.00hrs
Run: 2106-ish
Hare: C U Alex
Venue: Agios Stefanos [Northern Suburbs] at the parking lot opposite the railway station
On Inn: ?

Take Kifisias almost all the way to the North (Kifisias, Venizelou, Thisseos, Marathonos, Chelmou; same avenue, different name) past Kifissia, Nea Erythraia, Ekali, Drosia, Anixi. Once in Chelmou, turn right to Iroon Politechniou--just after the bridge above the railroad; if you see the BP station on your right you've gone too far! Go past Galaxias super market and you will find the parking lot on your right after about 150 m.

Take the Ethniki (national road) northwards towards Lamia. Take the right exit to Agios Stefanos, it is the next one after Erythraia. Stay on the right and keep going on Kryoneriou avenue, which will become Chelmou as it turns right after the big Sklavenitis super market. Once in Chelmou, turn left to Iroon Politechniou--after the BP station on your left; if you pass the bridge above the railroad you've gone too far! Go past Galaxias super market and you will find the parking lot on your right after about 150 m.

From Larissa Station (served by metro line 2), you can take the train to Chalkida departing at 10:51 and be in Agios Stefanos just in time (11:15). Walk over the bridge to the parking lot on the other side of the railroad. Do let us know when your train actually departs from Larissa Station!

You can take bus 509, 535 or 535A from Kifissia and northwards and get off at Plateia Agiou Stefanou. Cross the street to the railway station and then walk over the bridge to the parking lot on the other side of the railroad. Check in advance, as buses are (even) more sparse on Sundays!

GPS 38°08'25.6"N 23°51'32.2"E -OR-   38.140455, 23.858941

PLUS CODE 4VR5+5H Agios Stefanos LINK

Lost? Directionally Challenged?? GPS not working or you don’t know even what it is? Just plain stupid???

Call: the Hare: C U Alex 6977 445666