Sunday 8th December 2019

11.00 am



Run 2098


Trail lengths

Runners ... km, Walkers ...km


Tender Vittles

GPS start location:

38.056250, 23.828750


Photos: Tender Vittles, Rear Entry, Fair Cop


The Run and Walk




Tender Vittle's song stop

Runners (L-to-R): Rear Entry, Fair Cop, Strawberry4Skin, Jacket Off, Rim Job (where's Kiki?)


Walkers Cabriolaid and Clitoria










Jacket Off comes charging in



Beer check in the abandoned school building in the Kefalari Grove





Fair Cop on the school roof





The Circle

The hare's down-down





The Taverna


L-toR: Fair Cop, Wet Dream, Spy Shagger, Lefteris, Rear Entry


The Trail




The directions to the hash - for the record


Date: 08th December – 11am
Run: 2088-ish
Hare: Tender Vittles
Venue: Marousi
On Inn: TBA

Message from the hare:

Just google it and use GPS, this is the 21st Century!

Address: Ignatiou Tou Lesviou 8, Marousi 151 26

GPS: 38.056250, 23.828750

The temperature has dropped, which means it's COLD out there. Make sure to dress appropriately, bikinis are welcome but not mandatory.
Ankle Biters Trail: Those parents who want to bring their little ankle biters (children) to the trail, you will either join the walkers trail or there is a wonderful children's park conveniently at the start of trail.

Wa*kers Trail: Those who enjoy a leisurely walk, there will be trees, birds, hobos, cats and maybe some mad dogs (present GM excluded) on trail, dress accordingly. Expect 2-3 miles ...ish long

Hounds Trail: For the runners out there who want to go the extra mile or two, then this trail is for you. Expect 4-6 miles ...ish long. Expect a DEAD or Pre-laid trail that you will need to follow.

What’s the worst that could happen? We shall see…

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Sorry, can't hear you. (P.S. I'm not sorry.)
Tender Vittles mob: 698 7961974 / +1 713 8056868
Lost? Directionally Challenged??
GPS not working or you don’t know even what it is? Just plain stupid???

Call: Hare above ?

GRAPHIC below courtesy of Clitoria as she isn’t as naive as the hare…
1 From Kifisias Ave / Odos Pentelis at 1st light after hairpin bend over bridge turn left onto Mitlinis or
2 Halandri / Odos Pentelis 2nd light after Shell garage turn right onto Mitilinis,
then at the end of Mitilinis turn right onto Mantamadou, then veer left up the hill and join Ignatiou tou Lesvou..