Sunday 3rd November 2019
Run 2093
Hare: Strawberry4Skin
GPS: Tender Vittles
Photos: Mad Dog and others





The hare descrbing his run


All downhill? Tell another one.



The trail starts off level but not for long


Tender Vittles pushes 2-year old Violetta up the steep rough-concrete-surfaced slope



How did they get the truck up this slope to deliver the concrete?


A view down the hill to give an idea of the angle of the slope


>>>>>>> Panoramic View of the valley below >>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>>


The runners and walkers part ways



Fair Cop heading up hill


The hare charges up following the pack


View from a higher elevation


Rim Job carrying the hash horn


Still heading up hill


Rim Job spots a baby tortoise. His trainer gives an idea of scale.


A closer view


>>>>>>> Panoramic view >>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>


Runner's group photo: L-to-R: Fair Cop, Strawberry4Skin, Tender Vittles, Rim Job, Mad Dog    (Camera on timer)



Rude selfie


View of the fertile valley


Another photo opportunity on the hilltop


We head on down - but lose the trail on the way


We spot two crickets mating. Never seen this before. The female is the larger of the two.


Yes, yes, yes!


They are in no hurry and not bothered by our presence


Winter flowers


We head down to the road and meet up with the walkers


Doggy Style pushing the (empty) push-chair walks with Leanover


Family snap: Violetta, Krazie Puppy, Tender Vittles and Sebastian


Five-year old Sebastian had joined the runners at the road for the last half but had difficulty in the long grass



Beer Stop - with beer previously hidden in the bushes by the hare


Someone had blasted the road sign with buckshot.

There were used shotgun cartridges littering the whole area - which is obviously popular with hunters.


We finally spot one of the hare's rust-coloured flour trail markers in the grass


Back down the steep hill to the start



Leanover not quite ready to join the circle



The hare's down-down - accompanied by his special song





RA Fair Cop with Wet Dream (pouring the down-down beers)


Sebastian is given a t-shirt


Rim Job and Fair Cop are flying club members


GM Mad Dog admits photographing sex-on-the-hash (the mating crickets)


Suddenly a stick insect appears


The brown stick insect on Mad Dog's hand.

Then shortly afterwards a smaller green one appeared on the ground. Another first for us.


Down, down, down


TV's bitch, bitch, bitch routine for FC complaining about the trail on trail



Clitoria asks - what's happening next week? Marathon 10k or 5k?


Rim Job finishes up his drink after the circle. What? a coke?





Statue of a bull outside the Steak House (on Marathonos Avenue in Pikermi)


Outside view of the restaurant


No explanations needed


Choosing meat dishes from the menu


The complementary soup course


Doggie Style and daughter Krazie Puppy enjoy the Greek Merlot (French for The Little Blackbird) wine


Part of the interesting interior - with an American theme


Mad Dog's King Angus Burger


Try getting that in your mouth!


Sebastian with his mini-burgers


Fair Cop and Wet Dream with some seriously sized steaks


Complementary dessert


Retro-style handbasin and tap plumbing


Retro toilet cistern




From Tender Vittles Apple watch Workout app - which showed a total of 5.31 km




DATE: Sunday 03rd November @ 11.00am

RUN: 2093 (ish)

VENUE: Pikermi

HARE: Strawberry 4Skin


Get your hashing @rses onto the Leoforos Marathonas Highway heading away from Athens towards Rafina of course. You will pass PALLINI Proastiakos station upon which careful hashers will take note of their odometers.

Approx 10km after this you will pass a large VARDAS outlet on your right @ 23rd km Leoforos Marathonas, Pikermi 19009 [google map link below]

Turn right here:


(You can also find the place to turn from: 38.007837, 23.963003 )

Continue approx 1km along this country road until you reach a 5 way junction. Take first road on the right up a steep hill. Commence the hash.

(Hash location near: 37.999828, 23.961420)

Call S4S (0044 779-463-4377)(UK number) for problems of any kind, or if you have a cheapo Greek phone dial 694-464-2032

Lost? Directionally Challenged?? Just plain stupid???

Call: one of the mobile numbers above!