Dionysos Sculpture Park

Marble Quarry Run

Sunday 20th October

Run 2091

Hare Mad Dog




The sculpture park's location: 38.100532, 23.882128




Vosporou street (opposite the performance stage) leads away from the sculpture park






Magnisias street leads to the footpath that goes up to the chapels and marble quarry


The footpath winds through dense (and humid) pine forest up the side of Mount Pendeli

The path starts at: 38.100601, 23.869172 on Magnisias street



The first chapel Ag. Nikitas


A little further up the path is the second chapel Aghios Loukas


The hare stands by the entrance to a fountain fed by a mountain spring


The path to the quarry continues behind the Ag. Loukas chapel (which is located at: 38.094830, 23.865531 )


The pack returning to Ag. Loukas from a false trail taking them higher up the mountain


Runner's group photo on the way to the marble quarry



Heading for the quarry




Sign at the quarry pointing the way to the Aghios Loukas chapel


Jack of Trumps returning from a falsie


Perfect little building for a beer stop




Our beer stop in a little stone hut - with benches and table

Tender Vittles carried the beer up to the quarry in a rucksack

The location of the stone buildings: 38.092673, 23.870702



Bag Lady took the above group photos from the doorway



On up to see more of the amazing stonemasons building arts







More fine views as we climb higher


Interesting little constructions on the way up



Tender Vittles runs up higher to see further constructions


Time for a breather before we return back down



On down!




The path back down to the Sculpture Park



Relaxing after the walk and run


Trying to get the circle organized



Mad Dog opens the circle


Kiki pours the beers


Tender Vittles calls for the hare's down-down


Mad Dog's down-down



Returnees (from before the summer) S4S, Leanover, Bag Lady



Parents with young children group down-down


Rim Job stepped in something on the trail


Violet helps with the beers


Two flying club members (just a slip, so merits just one wing)


Back to back - Jack of Trumps and Bag Lady




An accusation from Tender Vittles


Sevi posing



Jacket Off and son Chicken Choker



Location: 38.125456, 23.878843

(4.3 km and 8 minutes from the sculpture park)


Doggie Style poses under the taverna sign


Three musicians come into the taverna and play Greek country songs

Getting tucked-in to some tasty meat dishes including some excellent kokoretsi


The bill was just 13 euros each for 11 of us with a good tip.
And although the Stamata square was packed with cars -
and the taverna is popular, we had no problem finding a table.



Location of the park just of Leoforos Dionisou (coming up the hill, turn right at the Safe Place cafe)



The fork in the walker's path to the quarry i.e. continuation of Vosporou Street is at 38.093824, 23.877805 (signposted Ag. Loukas)



The walker's trail (map given) - length 2.6 km




Theme: Come and lose your marbles on the Marble Quarry run

Date: Sunday 20th October at 11:00 a.m.

Run: #2091 (ish)

Hare: Mad Dog

Venue: Dionysos Sculpture Park (in Dionysos, needless to say)

Instructions: Bring a camera or phone for (naughty) photo opportunities.


Coming from Athens Centre:
Go up Kifissia Avenue and through Kifissia
Continue 3Km or so and pass through Nea Erithrea
Continue for another 2.5Km or so..
You will see signs directing you right to Nea Makri ***
Take this road (Leof. Dionysou) as if going to Nea Makri
Set your odometer to zero here (0.0 km)
You will pass an Avin garage and an Eko garage (1.9 & 2.2)

At 3.3 km you will pass (on your left) a Basketball Court and the Traffic Lights to Rodopoli.

Then you come to the Aiolidos taverna on your left (3.4) (Now abandoned)
Turn right opposite this taverna (by the "Safe House" cafe place)
Almost immediately turn right again (after about 100 m)
Park inside the Marble Sculpture Park (another 150 to 200 m)

Coming from Attiki Odos &/or National Road
Get on the National Road heading North towards Lamia
Take the exit for Varibobi
Immediately turn right (ie opposite to Varibobi)
Follow this road (Ag Saranda) up for about 1km
At the end of the road turn left at the traffic lights
Follow this road (Leof Thisseos) for about 2.5km
You come to a turning signposted right for Nea Makri
Turn right here and follow directions as above ***

GPS: 38 06' 01.78'' N, 23 52' 56.25'' E -OR- 38.100500, 23.882000 (accurate)

Lost your compass? Driving blindfold? Can’t read a map or just can’t read? Complete idiot?

Don’t call MD on 693-251-1339

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