13th OCTOBER 2019

RUN # 2090




The Ano Melissia Open Air Theatre - The runners have left and the walkers now set off

There were three trail options: Runners, walkers, and walkers with pushchairs


From the theatre, the runners pass Lefko's taverna on the right


Rubbish bin check


Passing the donkey's field on the right


The chicken feeding stop


Runners turning left at the chickens


Emerging from the streets out onto the lower hills of Mount Pendeli


Melissia cemetary dead ahead (get it?)


Jacket Off and Chicken Choker checking uphill the wrong way


CC flys back down


Heading for the rema (dry river bed)


Heavy rain on the mountain will make this dry bed a fast running river


CC Spots a tortoise


It's a old and large specimen - with his shell possibly damaged in the forest fire years ago


Hello tortoise!


You sure that's the way?


The trail goes through MD's archery area


CC spots another tortoise


Jacket Off at a check on the cemetary road named Skoufa


View of Mount Pendeli


Runners and walkers meet up for a group photo


Another photo - this time in the sun


On On runners and walkers


The walkers with Sebastian, Doggy Style, Cabriolaid and CU Kiki






A not very friendly dog


Spy Shagger with Lefteris and Krazie Puppy with Violetta



At the beer check the runners were all given torches - to be able to see in the upcoming tunnel



Beer check group photo


Chicken Choker at a check at the entrance to Kefalari grove


Inside Kefalari grove




Entrance to the WRONG tunnel (and in went the virgin hashers followed by Rear Entry)


Further up the rema here is the entrance to the CORRECT tunnel (the blue flour can be seen)


Views inside the 220 metre long tunnel. This is the "new" section


A bend


The "old" section of the tunnel - which emerges behind Magginas original (and still in use) taverna










Emerging from the rema behind the taverna the runners head down to the theatre for the circle


Amawanka takes a photo of Mad Dog



Mad Dog calls the hare Tender Vittles into the circle


Little Violet wants to be with her hare daddy Tender Vittles


Walkers - what did you think of your trail? %$*&#@?{!


Virgin hashers (New boots )



Cabriolaid steps in as virgin checker and asks the 4 questions



Tender Vittles is invited in as guest RA

The virgins are called into the circle again with Rear Entry - for going down the WRONG TUNNEL




Tender Vittles gets a down-down for bleeding on the hash (hit a re-bar in the tunnel)




Rear Entry and Spy Shagger with little Lefteris at the taverna rear entrance


We had a table in the back (no smoking) section



Sheep's head opened and ready to eat (we had 4 plates)




The taverna bill - highlights:
3 plates of very tasty Kokoretsi at 8 euros/plate,
1 kilo of excellent roast pork at 33 euros
4 sheep heads at 4.40 each

(2 left after ordering, so numbers dropped from 11 to 9 so bill came to 20 euros each)



Run distance of 4.6 km PLUS the tunnel of 0.22 km totalling 4.82 km


The run through the tunnel - (measured length of 221 metres using the ruler tool on Google Earth)


The Kefalari Grove section of the run in detail


Location map


A reconnoitre of the tunnel before the run


Cutting down brambles at the tunnel exit and surveying the tunnel





Athens AH3 R*N # (Who Cares) - Sheep Head Trail!

When: Sunday, October 13th, at 11:00am!

Where: Address: Pl. Eth. Antistaseos, Melissia 151 27

(Ano Melissia Open Air Theatre)

Co-ordinates: 38.064763, 23.842228

Website: manginas.com.gr

Hare: Tender Vittles

Why: Because you like drinking, period.

Bring: €3 for hash cash, shag bag (change of clothes, you'll get dirty), sunscreen, €€ for haberdashery (if there are any left) and a thirst for beer/wine of course.


Just google it and use GPS, this is the 21st Century!


There will be sheep or goats brain on the menu. Please let me know if you would like to try some head (head .. who said head .. I'll have some of that) so I can place the order in advance.

Ankle Biters Trail: Those parents who want to bring their little ankle biters (children) to the trail, there will be DONKEYS, CHICKENS and a HORSE on trail + they will get to feed them. Food supplied by the hare. 1 mile long

Wankers Trail: Those who enjoy a leisurely walk, there will be a mountain trail, dress accordingly. Expect to see some goats, tortoise and mad dogs (present GM excluded). 2-3 miles long

Hounds Trail: For the runners out there who want to go the extra mile or two, then this trail is for you. Expect 4-6 miles long. This will be a LIVE hare trail, catch me if you can.

What’s the worst that could happen? We shall see…

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Sorry, can't hear you. (P.S. I'm not sorry.)

Tender Vittles #: 698 7961974

Mad Dog #: 693 2511339

On on,

Tender Vittles