A "live hare" run with TV laying the trail starting at La Playa beach

(Photos taken by Mad Dog, Tender Vittles and Doggie Style)



Setting off on the trail


Arriving at The Tumulus car park for the beer stop




Tender Vittles setting up his iPhone for a remotely operated shot triggered from his Apple watch


The resulting photo


The hare with the Tumulus mound in the background

(containing the graves of the Greek soldiers killed in the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC)


Statue of General Miltiades


3 feet and On On


Passing a farm and a friendly goat


Goats eat just about anything


A neat agricultural view


Where is this leading?


Passing a smart summer home


A fixer-upper ?


Mad Dog catching up with the hare (seen in the distance)


The hare's view of Mad Dog


Getting nearer


The hare patiently waiting for MD before setting off again


Clever photo from TV with MD appearing to run on his finger


MD climbing the fence at the bottom of Kalokairaki beach



Runners meet walkers in the Kalokairaki beach car park for the circle


The hare's down-down


Group photo


MD stands-in for AH3 old timer visitor Mike Layman (Yank One)

- who met up with us at La Playa beach before the run.



Having fun in the circle


Humper Monster's down down


Cabriolaid is also treated to a beer



(Yes, the word beach is redundant but so what?)

It starts to rain heavily
(swimming in the rain is fun)


Most people leave


We have the advantage of a big tent to shelter under


Time to move to the dining area for lunch


Ready to make a dash for it
(Note the dripping water from the tent)



The runner's trail as planned by the hare


The walker's trail as planned by the hare
(a tad short so the walkers extended it along the seafront)


The run recorded on the Runkeeper smartphone app





Hi Hashers, there’s an impromptu hash on Sunday...

Date: 14th July

Time: 11:00 am

Venue: La Playa beach (just down the road from Kalokairaki beach).

Hare: Tender Vittles (Mauricio) [Live hare]


Bring your towel to reserve a lounger under an umbrella. There is a 3-euro fee for loungers on Sundays.

In the unlikely event of no loungers available, you might want to bring a beach mat.

To exit the car park you need a token which should be requested with a purchase (such as a coffee).

Bring: Swimming cozzies, sun block

Food (club sandwich, etc. or a sit-down meal) can be purchased at the beach.


Starting from Marathonos Avenue - at the junction with Leof. Dionisou mountain road in Nea Makri

(See below for directions to get to this junction with Marathonos Ave.)

Continue north along Marathonos Avenue in the direction of Marathon for 1.9 km (You will pass the brown sign for the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods on your right and then an AVIN petrol station on your left).

Turn RIGHT at the sign for PARALIA MARATHONOS (and Hotel Golden Coast) into Fidippidou street

(There are traffic lights and a small slip road here. CAREFUL Don't miss this turning!!).

Continue along this street for 550 metres (it has a left-hand bend after 220 metres)

(You will see a sign on the left saying "Kalokairaki")

Keep going straight.

After 620 metres the La Playa car park entrance is on the right (shortly after a fruit and vegetable stall).

We meet somewhere in the grass area at the back (not on the beach).


(A) Coming from Halandri / Vrilissia / Melissia:
Get on Leoforos Pendelis (the road which goes up from Vrilissia to Pendeli Village)
Ignore signs left to NEA Pendeli on the road up to Pendeli
Eventually you come to (Paleio) Pendeli village
Follow the road through the village.
(Do not take the first few turnings to the right)
Eventually you will come to a large open area
(many tavernas here - particularly on the far side)
Look for a road (Skoufou) to the right signposted to Nea Makri
Follow this road out of the village
As you leave Pendeli you pass a sign on your left for the Christos-Olympia taverna (light blue-green with picture of mountains)
You are now on the mountain road to Aghios Petros.

The road will rise in elevation for a few km then start to fall as the sea comes into view.
After a few more km and some sharp bends you will come to a T-junction.

Turn right towards Nea Makri and the sea.
Immediately you will pass the Panorama restaurant on your right.
Continue to the bottom of the hill.
You arrive at Marathonos Avenue at the T-junction & traffic lights at Nea Makri.

(B) Coming from the centre of Athens:
Take Kifissias Ave. northwards through Kifissia, Erythrea, Ekali, etc.
Turn right after Ekali at the signpost for Dionysos / Nea Makri.
Continue up and over the mountain and then descend down the other side to the bottom.
You arrive at Marathonos Avenue at the T-junction & traffic lights at Nea Makri.

For Sat Navvies (La Playa car park entrance): 38.109935, 23.978728

(you can paste this into the Google search window to get an instant map)

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call Mad Dog on 693-251-1339