25th May 2019

Saturday Evening Entertainment

Locanda Beach Hotel




Hashers in their pirate costumes dressed for the evening...



Sweet FA - and- Sneezy Rider


Jacket Off




Doggie Style





Jacket Off -and- Chicken Choker


Greek God




Kisses Anytime


Fat Controller


Pearl Necklace


Rear Entry


Lost Property


Henry the Turd


Spitball -and- Henry the Turd


Hashers gathered outside the hotel ready to go to the taverna

(it was getting dark and difficult for clear photography)


The Taverna

Hashers entertain the hashers




The drinks have arrived



Dozy Bitch (foreground) -and- Smiling Oyster (behind)



SMT (foreground)


Little Henry bravely entertains the hashers


Jacket Off introduces the next act


Clitoria and Mad Dog do the "The Penguin" skit - the prostitute and the pirate


Will two silver doubloons be enough?


"Now , are you ready for the special treatment"


"Here it comes"







Fat Controller


L to R: Doggy Style - Leanover - Strawberry4Skin - Coke Dealer - Cabriolaid


Fat Controller


Cook The Fook


Fat Controller - 3D4P - Fair Cop



Pussy Basher



Sir Lostalot with Chicken Choker



Bag Lady, Shagfest, and Clitoria


The Bar
(Conveniently right next to the hotel)


Rear Entry outside the bar


Wall made of bottles



The entrance area featured this fine old BSA bike


The DJ plays our sort of music and the dancing begins

(The bar was in the next room)




Almost all the hashers get on the dance floor


Sir Lostalot and Putin my Sister do a sort of street dance



Oops Upside Your Head


Probably more elegant when sober


Shagfest jumps into the lead


Neat trick if you have a bald head

Our fun visitors from the Sembach H3




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