Web page and photos - Mad Dog


The hare gives the low-down on the Easter Sunday trail


Short, flat, no checks, no falsies (oh yea?)


And there IS a beer stop (that's good!)


Numbers are down as some hashers have left for Easter

(AND the Greek Easter is next Sunday - No run)


Entrance to the rear OAKA car park


Entrance to the OAKA comples from the car parks


The runners start off


Entrance to OAKA



Passing the Calatrava walkway


Approaching The Mall


The Hare - Jack of Trumps on one of his checks


Alex carrying the hash horn


The Neratziotissa train station at The Mall connects with the metro Green line (Electrico) AND the Suburban Railway (Proastiakos)



The Leroy Merlin hardware store on Kifissia Avenue


Infamous subway crossing under Kifissias Avenue where a rapist formerly operated



Inside the subway tunnel


Anyone for hoola hooping?


On down Kifissias Avenue


Pussy Basher shows his interest in music

Statue to famous musician Nikos Gounaris


Mad Dog


Jack of Trumps


Opposite - a well-known and recommended Creperie


An imprfessive modern office building


The building's street address


Gillian poses with Spring flowers


"B" for beer stop. Runners had to find the beer.


Enjoying a lager beer at the beer stop in the park


Obstacle course for mountain bikes, etc in the park


Spring flowers


Passing a taverna in Halandri that we have eaten at before on a previous hash


Footbridge over Kifissia Avenue





Returning to the OAKA complex and nearing the on-in





Hare Jack of Trumps




Greek God joins the flying club




Latecomers Mad Dog and Doggie Style



Pussy Basher



Watering the trail offense



PB makes an accusation


Greek God again





Pussy Basher looking thoughtful





The taverna sign with MD & DS


Warm enough to sit outside


We're thirsty! When are the drinks arriving?



Pussy Basher's recording on his Garmin watch


Strava app. recording


Parking and circle


Strava .GPX file sent to Google Earth






Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 21st April – 11am

EASTER RUN – dress like the Easter Bunny !!

Run 2079-ish

Hare: Jack of Trumps

Venue: Olympic Stadium Marousi – car park at junction of Leoforos Spirou Loui and Leoforos Kimis.


Starting point for the Anglican Easter Sunday's Hash will be in the parking lot of the Olympic Stadium

in Marousi at junction of Leoforos Spirou Loui and Leoforos Kimis.

The GPS co-ordinates are:

38°02'25.1"N 23°46'38.8"E or 38.040298, 23.777455

By car

it is located at the junction of Kymis Ave and Spirou Louis Ave.

From City centre: on one's right hand-side if coming from the city center via Kimis Ave

From Northern / Southern Suburbs: on left hand side if coming via Pefki / Kimis Ave [why would you do that?]

or right hand side if coming via Kifisias Ave / Spiros Louis Ave [that’s more like it..]

Public transport

It is easily reachable by bus 444 to Chiou station, then walk on Kymis Ave for about 4 minutes and cross Spirou Louis Ave