The road to the Kryoneri farmhouse from the village


The farm and farmhouse. "P" shows where we parked and had the circle


The trail as run.

The farmhouse and start of the run/walk is at the bottom of the image.


The trail recorded on the Strava app. on MD's old iPhone-4 (spare phone - still working fine)


Altitude profile of the trail showing a 90m vertical range over an approx. 6.9 km distance



The air is chilly but we are happy to have a sunny day after the rain.




Hare Mad Dog describes his trail


OK, the description is deliberatly inaccurate as is the hashers tradition



"That way" sent the hashers off to a false trail. A good start!

Here Harold and Alex return to the parking area to search for true trail



So do Fair Cop followed by Jacket Off and Codpiece and his dog Alice




Finally on trail


Some puddles left over from the rain


Someone had been removing some of the trail marks and covering the checks with stones.

Our hashers found the trail despite this.



Another check covered with stones.


The trail ascends



Lots of scenic woodland


Jacket Off


Mad Dog poses by a check



The runners pause for a group photo at a view point


Fair Cop takes the camera for this one




Jacket Off checks uphill


Mountain Goat correctly checks downhill






Mountain Goat gets it wrong this time


Fair Cop is pleased with himself after jumping the barrier



The farmhouse as viewed over the rear fence




The walkers finally arrive


Cabriolaid, CU Kiki, Clitoria, Doggie Style


Circle -0- Circle -0- Circle
Circle -0- Circle -0- Circle
Circle -0- Circle -0- Circle

Hare's down-down


Fair Cop and Harold




These hashers DID NOT wear odd socks as instructed.



















Doggie Style outside the taverna





Barbara joined us later


Basement display


7 hashers/harriettes, 17 Euros each





Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 10th February – 11am

Run 2069-ish >>69>>69<<69<<

Odd Socks Run [so wear ODD SOCKS…]

Hare: Mad Dog

Venue: Krioneri [farmhouse]

On Inn: Water Lilies Taverna [TA NOUFARA]

Description: A quiet and scenic woodland area - ideal for running, walking, observing nature, and noisy excessive drinking

NOTE: Chinese New Year on 5th Feb. brought the year of the PIG.

So snorting, grunting, truffle snuffling etc. is allowed nay even encouraged!

Get on the National Road (Ethniki Odos) as if going to Lamia
Continue North past the exits for Kifissia (traffic lights) and Varibobi (flyover).
Turn off at the next exit North of Varibobi
(This is signposted for Aghios Stefanos and Krioneri)
At the end of the exit slip road, turn LEFT and go under the bridge (signposted to Krioneri)
Zero your odometer here*
Follow this road for 1.5km or so and you come to Krioneri village
Follow the windy road THROUGH the village and out the other side
You go downhill for 50m and then up
You then come to a farmhouse on your right (2.3km)
We meet at an open space opposite this farmhouse
(this is on the back road from Krioneri to Tatoi and Varibobi)

*The start point for the run and walk is 2.3km from the National Road exit.

NOTE: The bridge under the National Road leading to Krioneri can also be reached by -
driving North on Kifissias avenue and (keeping on the same road all the way and ignoring road name changes) - passing through Kifissia, Nea Erithrea, Ekali, Anoixi, Ag. Stefanos.
(Leof. Kifissias > Leof. Thiseos > Chelmou > Leof. Krioneriou > Farmhouse)

You may see the flock of sheep grazing.
Please restrain yourselves until after the hash before befriending the poor, innocent creatures – baaa baaaaa baaaaaaa.

GPS coordinates For Sat Navvies: 38° 08' 16.11" N, 23° 49' 17.42" E (or the numeric version 38.137778, 23.821389 )

Lost? Still drunk from Saturday night? Directionally challenged?? Just daft as a brush????

Call the hare: Mad Dog 693 251 1339