Sunday 11.00 am

27th January 2019

Lake Vouliagmeni
Australia Day Celebration


Run 2067


Trail length

Amawanka & Pussy Basher

Starting location:

37.807952, 23.784586


Photos and Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The trail as recorded by Pussy Basher


Before the run

Pussy Basher describes the trail

"Hashers, you are going to go down, down, down..."


" and then you're going up, up, up"

(hares are prone to exaggeration)




The Run and Walk

Hare Amawanka at a check

(Note Pussy Basher's perfectly drawn circle - as you would expect from a graphics designer)


Unusual - stained glass windows in a private house


Mountain Goat with Amawanka


Some runners pose at a check


Meanwhile, Jacket Off waters the bushes



The runners - photo taken by Fair Cop











Hare Pussy Basher at a check


The walkers - Bouboulina, Coke Dealer, CU Kiki, Clitoria



Runners and Walkers meet at the beer stop







The Circle


The hares Amawanka and Pussy Basher


Fair Cop presents Rear Entry with his 350 runs badge







Clitoria welcomes new boots Harold from Norway who joined us on the trail


Would you like the 4th question?




Coke Dealer - for abandoning her bottle of water on Fair Cop's car roof


Mad Dog's down-down for absence of 2 1/2 months (Houston)


Mad Dog has forgotten and falls for the 'tankard with the hole' trick again.


Group down-down for Fair Cop, Jacket Off, Rear Entry


Clitoria and Mountain Goat having fun


The BBQ in the car park

Souvlaki on the barbie



Pitta breads being warmed


The baked potatoes are ready



Spy Shagger prepares the salads


Almost time to eat



The hungry hashers gather round


Getting tucked-in to the picnic lunch




The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 27th January 2019 – 11am


Run 2067-ish

Hare: Amawanka

Venue: Lake Vouliagmeni – meet in car park

On Inn: BBQ in the car park - provided the RA keeps the weather nice!


Go South hashers!

Get onto either Leoforos Poseidonos, Leoforos Vouliagmenis or Leoforos Varis and head South for the coast. Once out of town you will pass through the suburb of VOULA and just carry on driving by the coast.

From where Leoforos Poseidonos, Leoforos Vouliagmenis and Leoforos Varis converge the distance to the Lake is 3.4k [see snip below]

Follow signs for Limni Vouliagmenis – you will need to turn off left, there is a road leading down to the lake do not take this but find the car park just off the main road.

See below for more info.

Public transport:

Red line metro to Elliniko then catch the 122 bus outside the station and it will drop you off next to the lake on the opposite the road.

Visitors: the hare can meet visitors at Elliniko Metro station and then catch bus or get taxi to lake so call him to arrange!!

GPS coordinates For Sat Navvies:

Decimal Deg : 37.807952 , 23.784586

Deg Min Sec : 37° 48' 28,6272"N , 23° 47' 4,5096"E

Lost? Still drunk from Saturday night? Directionally challenged?? Just daft as a brush????

Call the hare: Amawanka 6942 564900