Sunday 11.00 am

6th January 2019

Syngrou Park

Annual Vassilopitta Run


Run 2064


Trail length

 ... km

Rear Entry

Starting location:

38.064889 N, 23.809922 E


Photos: Rear Entry


The R*n


The runners pose under/on a fire watch tower at Rear Entry's check



The Circle

The hare Rear Entry's down-down


Mountain Goat


Mountain Goat, Clitoria and Rear Entry


Cod Piece



Jack of Trumps and Amawanka



Humper Monster


RA Fair Cop


The On After

At Rear Entry and Spy Shagger's pad

Rear Entry cuts the traditional Vassilopitta


First slice for the house




The directions to the hash - for the record

Sunday 6thJanuary 2019 – 11am


Run 2064-ish

Hare: Rear Entry

Venue: Syngrou Park Car Park

On Inn: to be confirmed...




Syngrou Park - Marousi (Athens Northern Suburbs)


Coming from Athens go up Kifisias Avenue.
Go through / past Marousi.
Pass a cinema complex on your left.
Syngrou Park is now on your right. Continue on up in the right hand lane for 1/2 km or so. At the traffic light junction for the KAT hospital turn RIGHT into the Syngrou Park car park.


NOTE: If you pass the park and start to enter Kifisia you have gone past the car-park entrance. With heavy traffic you may have to turn around at the Kifisia park / bus station (Get in the left-hand lane).


Going southwards on Kifisias Avenue.
Go through/past Kifisia.
Get into the left-hand traffic lane & then turn left at the KAT traffic lights - directly into the Syngrou Park car park entrance.


NOTE: If you reach the Nova Odeon Cinema complex on you right-hand side you have gone too far. Turn round here, as there are traffic lights, else you may end-up in Marousi.


By Public Transport - Metro / Electrico
Take the Piraeus - Kifisia
GREEN line and get off at the KAT (hospital) station. Once out of the station, walk up the road at right angles to the railway tracks in the direction of the KAT hospital. You will immediately pass the Venetis bakery store on your right. Keep straight and in 450 metres you reach Kifisias Ave. Immediately across the road is the Syngrou car park entrance.
Remember, this train line is quite  s l o w  so leave plenty of time.


Meet in the upper section of the car park <<<


GPS:   38° 3'53.60"N, 23°48'35.72"E (38.064889 N, 23.809922 E)


Typographically or cartographically challenged? Lost?? Just plain daft???


Call the hare: RE 6942 477992