Sunday 2nd December 2018 @ 2pm

Houston H4 run number 2152

Hare: McPisser



7575 N Picnic Ln, Memorial Park (Running Trails Centre) ( 29.767106, -95.447792 )







A 3-barrel hash


Snacks provided by the hare


Back-to-back group down-down




"New trainers" punishment of drinking from the shoe


3 black hash dogs in the circle


Coney (the road cone put on the heads of hashers talking in the circle) with it's cape.

Also, 2 jugs of beer for the down-downs


Hashers forming an obstacle for the pole vaulter


After the pole vault


The RA rolls on the ground in feigned despair. Her mistake as Horsefly then stands over her in his kilt.


A souvenir from New Orleans


"Roll out the barrel"


Swing low, sweet chariot




Parson's Nose holds Sebastian upside down


Tender Vittles (with dog Merlin) helps Sebastian down


GALLERY of some of the hashers


          RA CougarRand                                  GM (for life) GEEK               



                       PARSON'S NOSE                                             DICK HEAD



             HORSEFLY                           McPISSER                               2 MEN A NIGHT                  ROLE MODEL


The Notification from the H4 Calendar

H4 #2152 - McPisser

When: Sun, December 2, 2pm – 5pm

Where: 7575 N Picnic Lane Houston, Texas 77007 (map)


Added by Roofie 11/27/18

H4 runs every week on Sundays, usually at 3 pm, somewhere in the Houston area.

For more information call the hash hotline at 71-DIAL-HASH.

Creator: Created by: Daniel Watson