Hash & AGPU - Loutsa
Sunday 8th July 2018
Run 2049
Hare: Fair Cop
GPS: 37°56'57.23"N, 24° 0'24.10"E
Photos: Mad Dog




Distance to the beer stop - 3.5 km




The start at Fair Cop and Wet Dream's pad


The runners


The runners - Mountain Goat takes the photo






Runners meet the walkers (not walking but going to the beach)


The sea looks really inviting


On On




We come to another popular beach



Tender Vittles and his hash horror



Running or flying?



Mad Dog racing his grandson


Guess who won?


Captain Cook? Blackbeard?


The beer stop


Beer stop bar


Do I have to pose for the camera again? Oh!, all right.


Exploring the rock pools



With delicious food provided by Wet Dream

The voting forms are distributed


Everyone can vote (this may account for some odd results)


Voting is taken seriously - sort of


Fair Cop reads out the results. The mm-committe was re-elected.

However, Kim Jong Un was voted in as the new GM but failed to appear, so the AH3 is stuck with MD


This balance will be useful when payments for hotels, t-shirts, coaches, etc. have to be made in advance for hash weekends



Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

This Sunday – don’t miss the AH3 AGPU

[annual general p!ss up]

free run / free food / free booze

free vote / free swim


Date: Sunday 8th July – 11am

Hare: Fair Cop

Venue: Lovely Loutsa

On Inn: Fair Cop & Wet Dream’s pad….

Bring your swimmers – weather will be fab !! [so the RA told me to say…]


From Attiki Odos, exit 16 (Rafina) . at the end of the motorway, turn right past Smart Park and Attica Zoo, head for Spata. Turn left at the crossroads, up the hill with “Gel It! nails” on your left. Across the lights, pass AB on your right, then turn left at the lights. Follow this road for several km, past the back gate of the airport. As the dual-carriageway ends, take the second exit at the roundabout, through the outskirts of Loutsa, and down to the coast.

When you reach the sea, turn right at the lights.

Follow this road , past My Market and another couple of kilometres. You are looking for the REVOIL petrol station on your left. From there, about 500m , a couple of bends, a few shops and then scrubland on your right. Turn sharp right on the unpaved ground by the bicycle shop (PODHLATA GT DYNO). Our house is the yellow one with the red roofed balconies.

Avoiding Attiki Odos?

Coming out of Athens on Mesogeion, immediately after passing under the Attiki Odos, take the right turn to Spata. Follow the signage all the way into Spata, , where there are signs for Artemis/Loutsa. From there, follow directions as above.

If you need to ask directions, ask for “Stasi 6, Vravronas”


It will take you at least 30 minutes from Mesogeion, 20 minutes from the Attiki Odos exit

For Sat Navvies: “Papadiamante 19016” or 37°56'57.23"N, 24° 0'24.10”E

(you can paste this into the Google search window to get an instant map)


IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call Fair Cop 6932 096 555