Hare Parson's Nose describes the trail with chalk talk


Not a few hashers with hangovers from Saturday night




The runners set off



Pussy Bashers checks out the pier


Nope! no trail this way


Where's the trail?


Walkers Doggy Style and Leanover


On On!





Amawanka and The Dyke


On Up!


Pussy Basher and Bursting Bladder having fun



Mad Dog and Shagfest (wearing her Skopelos shirt)



Hare Parson's Nose with Aliass




Parson's Nose poses by a medieval tower


Parson's Nose and Mad Dog


Parson's Nose and Aliass


Blocked drain! Rhodes council have a potential flooding problem here


The On In in the park


Unfortunately, the low light levels under the trees caused slow camera shutter speed and so some blurring...

Hashers cool off with a few beers before the circle


Semen on the Pew, Parson's Nose, Aliass and another's group down-down



Cabriolaid's down down


Clitoria pouring the down-down beers


Kum Kwik, Doggy Style, Cabriolaid and Vaseline in the circle


Clitoria wearing Fair Cop's cop hat


Shagfest proudly shows off her historic and graphic AH3 Island of Skopelos t-shirt (donated by Playboy2)


Iron Lady has to drink from her trainer - proffered by Clitoria


Fair Cop


Mr Uxorious and Postie


Dopey Bitch, Oxymoron, Bursting Bladder, and the Scots Mr Uxorious and Postie



Pussy Basher, Rear Entry, Mad Dog, Doggy Style


Group down-down



Dopey Bitch


Amawanka recovering from his previous night's barman's duties


Margaret and John


Clitoria with Margaret giving some suprising answers


Fair Cop and Mad Dog


Kum Kwik, Scrubber, Aliass, Mad Dog


Ending the circle with the traditional "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" led by Strawberry4Skin



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