- Hashers entertain hashers at the evening taverna -


The Country Kitchen







A costumed manikin innocently standing by the well


Sudden loss of innocence.

Violations by Parson's Nose and Mad Dog


"Getting to know you"


The lovely Shagfest poses too


The wine and beer arrives



Jacket Off says a few words


Thunder Thigh's condom trick


Oops! The first one broke but the second one worked fine


Pussy Basher's magic show



The silk hankerchief magically appears again


One of the meat dishes




Bursting Bladder tells a joke


Clitoria and Mad Dog's skit - set in a wooded park on a fine day


The pretty young prostitute leaves her bubble gum on the back of the bench


...and wanders away


Ugh! the imaginary gum sticks to Mad Dog's hand


Trying to get free from the gum


Gum stuck on the shoe - gets wiped-off back on the bench where it was originally placed


Prostitute comes back, collects gum and puts it back in her mouth



AnalLytical's skit



Jack of Trumps tells his European joke



Fair Cop's turn




Hashers and harriettes enjoying the show






Parson's Nose


The waiter upstages him with his impressive plate-carrying act


The chef comes out to see all is well




Oxymoron shares a joke



Fair Cop has another go


Wet Dream




Pussy Basher












Clitoria with Bursting Bladder


Later, at the Karaoke bar just across the street from the hotel...


Aliass (Preston Pete ) reads from his famous beer book



Getting the drinks in


And later (after 12.00 midnight) at the Amawanka Bar (in Amawanka's hotel room)

We all got drunk!!




Fair Cop and Wet Dream send us a photo






Fun to visit (feed an Ostrich, etc) and just down the road from the Butterfly Valley