Hare Mountain Goat


Vaseline (with the horn) joins us again from the Milan hash







This is how the Greek State (Siriza government) takes care of national assets.

The swimming pool of the Royal Summer Palace



The Summer Palace in Tatoi

Wasn't the palace going to be turned into a museum / stately home for the public to enjoy?


More views of the palace















Outside a Royal Tomb


Inside the same Royal Tomb


The inscriptions


Other royal graves















Hare Mountain Goat



Group down-down




Our frequent visitor Vaseline makes an accusation


Jack of Trumps with Vaseline







Vaseline leads the circle in Hunters in the Forest



Doggy Style




Captain Codpiece





Clitoria asks the 4 questions






Captain Codpiece


Vaseline's brother and his son



Clitoria questions Jack of Trumps




The Lambros Taverna

Strawberry4Skin and Doggy Style outside the taverna







Lambros Taverna GPS: 38.189434, 23.786493

13 km from the National Road

4.5 km from the Royal Estate Main Gate

NOTE: 8.5 km from National Road to Royal Estate Main Gate

Good value for 7 persons at 10 euros each including tip









Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 22nd April – 11am

Run: 2036-ish

Hare: Mountain Goat

Venue: Varibobi – Royal Estate


From all directions:

you should reach km 18 of the National Road Athens to Thessaloniki and take the exit to Varibobi Bridge (Flyover) and then follow the signs towards Varibobi. Continue along this windy road – after a while it becomes a long (2.6 km) straight road going slightly uphill.

At the end of this road turn right and go straight for about 0.7 km, until you will have to turn left (because in front of you there will be the blocked entrance to the [ex] Royal premises, so you will have to turn left).

Continue on this road (for another 3.7 km) until you will reach (on your right) the main entrance to the ex King’s premises. The road at this point makes a 90 degrees turn to the left follow this. After about 50 meters there is a tiny side road on your right, which after a while joins the main road again. We will meet inside this loop of the side road.

If you get lost call: MG 6973 33 01 67

Anyone needing a lift I will have space for three (3) Hashers, but you should call me the day before and meet me at Kifisia Metro Station at 10:00 a.m. (precise).

GPS / Sat Navvies: 38.161194444, 23.790552778













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