The runners set off from the Marina area


Hare Pussy Basher on his check


Heading for the Niarchos Centre



The Niarchos Centre


Mad Dog


Pussy Basher


Fair Cop


Mad Dog


Roundabout within the grounds of the park




New boots Eleni - just inside the centre's park


The outdoor gym - Fair Cop


Pussy Basher




Rear Entry


Mad Dog


Top quality machines


View of the gym


Heading to the running tracks


Beer stop outside the park



Large mirror in the park - Mad Dog selfie


Fountain in the park


Fair Cop planning a run through the fountain


Pussy Basher makes it through (almost) dry



Rear Entry almost across


Large lawn area of the Niarchos park


The runners pose in front of the main building

(The car park is actually underneath where they are standing)


Rear Entry points out the supporting cable system


Panoramic view of Palio Faliro and Piraeus to the right from the main building balcony - SCROLL RIGHT TO VIEW >>>>>>


The balcony area - Rear Entry


The runners spot the walkers down below

Clitoria with arms out, Doggy Style and Bouboulina following behind


Going down in the lift




View of the Marina


Heading back to the cars

The battleship Averof can be seen to the right


Pussy Basher as Barnacle Bill





Hares Pussy Basher and Jacket Off




Jacket Off was a virgin hare with the AH3 - so gets a t-shirt




Coke Dealer


Jacket Off


RA Fair Cop down-down for self-injury at the fountain



Birthday girls - Doggy Style ...and...


Wet Dream


Eleni - virgin hasher (new boots)




Panoramic view of the circle




At the Nautical Club restaurant
Flisvos Marina









Heading back to the cars

(The battleship Averof can be seen at the end of the road)



Pussy Basher's trail recorded on his Garmin GPS watch


Mad Dog's trail recorded on the Strava smartphone app.


P shows the hasher's parking location: GPS: 37.934046, 23.688062


The trail shown on Google Earth from the Strava GPX file

The Niarchos Centre park and complex can be clearly seen on the right


Location of the trail in relationship to the centre of Athens


(Just for the record)

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 1st April – 11am


Run: 2034-ish – or something…

Hare: Jacket Off & Pussy Basher

Venue: Parko Naftikis Paradosis – Trokandero – Paleo Faliron


Run will start from the Parko Naftikis Paradosis near the marinas.

The Trokantero tram stop is there

We will all meet up near the tram stop, then find a nice place in the park.

By Car:

Take E75 South.

Before driving into the sea, use the left 2 lanes to take exit POSEIDONOS INTERCHANGE toward GLYFADA.

Follow Leof. Posidonos and then Leof. Apollonos approx. 3.1km to Leof. Posidonos in Paleo Faliro. The park is on the right.

By Pubic Transportation:

Take the Red Metro Line 2 to Sigrou-Fix, then take Tram 4 South to Trokantero.

GPS: 37,931192, 23687199 [Trokandero Tram stop]



A short walk from the tram stop to a parking area near the marina with lots of spaces
(Parking near the tram stop is difficult on a sunday as the Parko Naftikis Paradosis is very popular)



Web page: Mad Dog