Sunday 28th January 2018
AH3 run 2026

Hare: Mad Dog



The waterfall at Drafi

Waterfall parking location: 38.036516, 23.904965

Photos by our Hash Flash Captain Sumo

(and one or two from Mad Dog)




The path leading down to the Drafi waterfall - just across from where the hasher's cars are parked


The ravine - downstream from the waterfall



The waterfall is almost visible from this point. A steep path leads down to it.




Doggie Style


Hashers posing by the waterfall




Rim Job easily climbing back up the steep path


Back to the main road and the cars. Now the hash can begin.



Web image - from Mad Dog's Strava App


Google Earth image - from Mad Dog's Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch


Altitude profile



Captain Sumo's trail



Mad Dog gives out the instructions for the walkers


Local doggie wants to join the hash?



(a combination of photos to make a panoramic view)








(Combined photos to make a panorama)


Rather chilly for swimming right now


Oops! Who ran out of money?


On down!





Hare's down down


Jack of Trumps


RA Fair Cop


Rim Job


Captain Sumo



Oxymoron's down-down





Clitoria interrogates new boots (to the AH3) - Jack Off










Aggelos Taverna in Paleo Pendeli upper-platia





Bill for 5 hashers - approx. 16 euros each

(Including 1-kilo roast lamb, 1 plate kokoretsi, 1 pork chop)




Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 28th January 2018 – 11am

Run: 2026-ish

Hare: Mad Dog

Venue: the formerly [before Sunday ] quiet and exclusive area of DRAFI

Instructions: consider bringing a camera and wearing sturdy footwear..

On Inn: tbd

Mis-Directions to the start:

By car:

(A) Coming from Halandri / Vrilissia / Melissia and the South:

Get on Leoforos Pendelis (the road which goes up from Vrilissia to Pendeli Village)

Ignore signs left to NEA Pendeli on the road up to Pendeli

Eventually you enter (Paleio) Pendeli village

There is a sharp left-hand bend with 3 little "islands" in the middle of the road. This is Vasileos Georgiou V street.

After the bend, slow down and pass the first street on the right (called Doukissis Plakentias) which turns sharply back.

Almost immediately you must turn into the SECOND road on your RIGHT called FILONOS street.

Careful, if you turn incorrectly into the third street on the right called Ippokratous you will reach the Children's hospital.

Continue on FILONOS which winds down the mountainside and becomes KALISSION and then LEOFOROS ACHEON.

It's easy - just keep on this road and keep going down for a little over 4km.

After a right bend the road becomes DEAD STRAIGHT AND DOWN FOR ALMOST 700 metres (and due south) as it enters the Drafi area.

Slow down after this bend.

In 200 metres after this bend you will pass a small road on the right called THEMISTOKLEOUS. There is a BUS STOP almost opposite.

In 130 metres after this road, PARK on the roadside (EXACTLY OPPOSITE the small dirt track on the left).

NOTE: Distance from start of FILONOS to the hash parking is 4.5 km

(B) Coming from further North i.e. Kifissia / Kefalari / Ekali, etc.

Find your way to Paleo Pendeli and follow the directions above.

(C) Coming from anywhere else - make your own way

By public transport: Good luck with that…

GPS: 38.036516, 23.904965

Or use a map (you remember those funny markings printed on paper?)

Typographically or cartographically challenged?

Lost?? Just plain gormless and stupid???


either go home or call the hare: Mad Dog on 693-251-1339







From the Waterfall parking

North (up) on Leoforos Acheon for 240 m

Right on Sofokleous and continue for 435 m (enjoy the view of the ravine on the right)

Left on Arionos and continue uphill for 52 m

Left on Eschilou and continue downhill for 405 m

Left on Leoforos Acheon and continue for 370 m (you have reached the waterfall parking) - Total distance: 1.5 km

Stop for a drink and continue.......

South (down) on Leoforos Acheon for 187 m

Left on Drakontos and continue down for 95 m

Right on Antisthenous and continue for 275 m (enjoy the view of the ravine on the left)

Right on Eoleon and continue up for 85 m

Right on Leoforos Acheon and continue up the road for 460 m (you have reached the waterfall parking) - Total distance: 1.1 km

TOTAL DISTANCE: 1.5 km + 1.1 Km = 2.6 km