Sunday 11.00 am

10th December 2017



Run 2019


Trail lengths

Runners 8.1 km, Walkers 3.3 km

Rear Entry & Captain Sumo

Starting location:

38.127214, 23.794154


Photos: Captain Sumo & Mad Dog
Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The runner's trail - From Captain Sumo



The walker's trail


The walker's trail (from MD's Strava smartphone GPS app)



Before the run

Hashers gather in the Cavallari Taverna car park in Varibobi


Four visitors from the Milan hash unexpectedly arrive including old friend Vaseline



The hare Rear Entry starts to give the low-down on the run and walk


Short, downhill, easy ...yea yea


A question for the hare from - can you guess who?


Now hashers, are you ready for your group photo?


Ahhh! Don't they look like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths? Perfect angels? (not)


The Run

The hare on his check


Vaseline and Rim Job checking behind


At the beer stop the runners wait for the walkers (hey! leave some beer for them)


The walkers arrive


Time for another group photo


And one more before the runners take off



One of harriettes from Milan posing in colourful tights


The runners set off fueled by beer


Captain Sumo photographs Vaseline charging on


A lone deciduous tree shows it's winter splendour


On On to the On In


The Walk

There is some lovely woodland in this area


Strong winter sunshine - great conditions for a walk


A disused cistern or Sterna indicating past attempts at agriculture


Breaking out of the woods into an open area


The walkers follow a long narrow path through the woodland


Doggy Style is getting warm and taking off her jacket


Toadstools - not to be eaten!


A beautiful clear day with blue sky


The runners at the beer stop can be seen in the distance


Refreshments and some snacks have been carried by Rear Entry in his rucksack


The runners set off


...closely followed by the walkers



Meanwhile the hare Rear Entry puts the leftovers back into his rucksack


The Circle

The RA Fair Cop calls the circle to order


Down-downs for the hares


Rear Entry (L) and Captain Sumo (R)




Veteran AH3 hasher Shampoo George arrives to join us but sits as he recently had an operation



Mountain Goat and Clitoria having fun in the circle



Mountain Goat is joined by Vaseline





Group down-down


Strawberry4Skin finishes his beer first


We decide to award Vaseline and the visitors their visitors badges


The badge is dipped in beer and normally placed on the recipient's head

....but Clitoria has another idea in mind


Vaseline wasn't expecting this


And now Vaseline's brother's turn


No peeking Clitoria


He takes it in good fun as it's meant


So there's your souvenir from the Athens Hash put away safely



They are both good sports


However, the two girls sensibly declined their badges. Maybe another time?


Amawanker is awarded his 25 run badge and mug.





GM Mad Dog is given a down-down with the tankard with the hole - but he notices just in time



Shampoo George is given a hash t-shirt


It's great to see him turn up from time to time


What's this - a coffee in the circle? A bit of fun with our visitor


A quick beer after the circle


A post circle chat - hashers naturally form circles


The Taverna

FC & WD went to the Christina Taverna in Loutsa as
none of the other hashers were tavernering this week.

The directions to the hash - for the record


Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:


Sunday 10th December – 11am

Run 2019-ish

Hare: Rear Entry

Venue: Varibobi


From wherever you come:

Follow the road signs to Varibobi, cross the Varibobi Bridge (Flyover) over the National Road to Lamia, continue on this windy road, that after a while becomes a long straight road going slightly uphill, at the end of the road there is a roundabout [with a horse head statue in the middle] and junction with the road coming from Tatoi Airport [note the STOP sign!]

Do not turn left towards Varibobi village.

Do not turn right for the King’s Estate.

Directly opposite the STOP sign there is a small taverna CAVALLARI – park in the car park. The run will start here.

GPS: 38.127214, 23.794154

Lost? Directionally Challenged?? Just plain stupid???

Call: Rear Entry 6942 477992