Sunday 11.00 am
26th November 2017


-plus- Helexpo Christmas Fayre


Run 2017


Trail lengths
Runners: 6.9 km

Jack of Trumphs

Starting location:

38.037804, 23.795438


Photos: Mad Dog

GPS trail recording: Jack of Trumphs

Web page: Mad Dog

- Special Hash -

RUN 2017 in YEAR 2017


The Trail


Recording paused at the beer stop, then continued below...



The complete trail added to a Google Earth image

Trail from MD's Strava smartphone app.


The Run and Walk

Heading towards the main stadium with it's Calatrava designed roof

(Santiago Calatrava Valls is a famous Spanish architect, structural engineer, sculptor and painter)


The walkers catch up with the runners

Runners and walkers combine for a group photo

L-to-R: Clitoria, Coke Dealer, Mountain Goat, Doggie Style, Bouboulina, Fair Cop, Leanover, Athina, Rim Job (Mad Dog taking photo)


Fair Cop and Mad Dog


Looking for the trail


Heading for the steps


More steps - a sequence taken by Fair Cop...





That's all of them!



Beer stop about half way


Beer stop group photo - a dark image because of the sun behind the subjects (they were too comfortable to move)


The western end of the Calatrava walkway can be seen


More steps



Strawberry4Skin and Rim Job have found the trail which leads into the Calatrava walkway


Athina and Mountain Goat


Inside the walkway, the hare on his bike checks that no one has been left behind


We spot the line of 4 access shafts for Roman Emporor Hadrian's ancient underground aqueduct (depth 20 metres).

Shafts were sunk every 35 metres to allow for cleaning and repairs.

The shafts 128, 129, 130 and 131, were stripped of their embankments to lower the of the level of the ground for the 2004 Games)

On the north side of the Olympic Stadium the visitor can see shafts 119, 121 and 122

See: http://www.oaka.com.gr/archaeological-excavations/?lang=en    (Section - Hadrian’s Aqueduct)


Google Earth aerial view of the 4 access shafts


Exiting the East end of the Calatrava walkway. The aqueduct access shaft can be seen.


Rim Job runs towards the Calatrava wall - waves run along this wall when it is activated


The Circle

Wet Dream prepares the beers for the down-downs


Meanwhile Mountain Goat takes a swig of beer from a bottle


The hare's down-down


Well done JOT for a good urban trail and beer stop





Strawberry4Skin and Clitoria in the circle



Athina gets called in for not wearing hashing gear...


As do Coke Dealer and Wet Dream



Rim Job


4-person down-down


Doggie Style enjoying the fun


Mountain Goat



The Christmas Fayre at the Helexpo building

Doggie Style orders coffee at the Italian stand


A double cappacino - excellent tasting coffee and a good price


Mad Dog with his coffee

(to compensate, shots came later)





Doggie Style inspects used clothing items and buys a pair of fancy jeans








Performance of national dancing from Eastern Europe



Ethiopian coffee being served





The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 26th November

Annual visit to the Christmas Fayre at Helexpo!!

18th International Christmas Bazaar of the Association Friends of the Child

Run 2017-ish

Hare: Jack of Trumps

Venue: near Olympic Stadium, behind Mediamarktttttt

On-Inn: Xmas Fair at Helexpo Palace [next to Avenue] for some African & Indian spicy specialties…… entrance is free – pay for your own food & drink.


By car:

from the north -

Go southwards on Kifissia avenue, take right hand slip road at OTE building which takes you over the top of Attiki Odos on Komvos Kifissias.

Turn right after MEDIA MARKET onto Ziridis street then right again onto Dimokritou - on the left you will see CHOMATIANOU Street.

We will meet along there near the 5 x 5 football pitch.

By public transport:

Bus stop ‘Paradeisos’ on Kifisias Ave serves the A7 [Athens centre – Kifisia] and 550 from [Piraeus – Kifisia]

GPS coordinates For Sat Navvies: 38.037804, 23.795438

Typographically or cartographically challenged? Lost?? Just plain stupid???

Call the hare: JoT - 6987 096987