12th November 2017

AH3 Run 2015

- Photos of the route and many extras-



The AVRA balloon - the hasher's meeting point at the Zappion building in the National Gardens


Runners heading for the start


The main entrance of the Zappion


The 10km runners bag storage area


At the start of the run - block-5 just starting while block-6 is held back


Block-6 starting to move


Passing the parliament building on Syntagma Square












The Hilton Hotel



The American Embassy


Heading for the Athens Tower





Turn-around point



The American Embassy and the Megaron



The entrance to the Hilton Hotel


The Running Man sculpture


The Running Man sculpture




The Avra arch and band


The Avra band


Exhibits outside the Military Museum





Approaching the marble stadium



Entering the stadium


Approaching the finish


The end at last!



Doggie Style takes a photo of Mad Dog taking a photo of Doggie Style


Exiting the stadium for the drinks and snacks tables


Across the road - the Sponsor's Village


For every photo of a runner they take OPAP will donate 2 euros to charity




The meetup point for the hashers after the race and after bag retrieval at the Zappion


Group photos at the Avra stand for the Avra running team
(which included some of the AH3 thanks to Coke Dealer)


Back at the stadium for the circle and to wait for the first Marathon runners






This year they installed a TV screen for both sides



Convenient parking for the Zappion on Peta street (close to St. Paul's Anglican Church)


View of St. Paul's Anglican Church from the parking lot


Rear Entry takes some of the hashers to the James Joyce in his car


The bar at the James Joyce Irish Pub in Thissio


Complementary dessert at the James Joyce




The 10km road race finisher's medal



The 10km road race finisher's medal - Enlarged


The Avra running team T-shirt - Front


The Avra running team T-shirt - Reverse


The official Marathon T-shirt - Front


The official Marathon T-shirt - Reverse


Envelope for the BIB with integrated timing chip, bag number, and safety pins


Example BIB - Front


Example BIB - Reverse showing the Mylaps timing chip


Example kit bag for clothes storage


Newspaper article listing the 2017 Athens Marathon stats