Halloween Hash
Ano Melissia - Open Air Theatre
Sunday 29th October - Run 2013
Hare: Mad Dog

Photos by Rear Entry and Mad Dog


The Trail recorded by Pussy Basher


Trail from MD's iPhone Strava app


Elevation profile


Google Earth image of the trail showing road names


Location map



Before the run

Group photo with halloween costumes


Group photo with halloween costumes


The hare describes the run


The Run and Walk

The runners and walkers set off for the wilds of Melissia



Local goatherd (Mr Manginas) with his goats


On up the Rema (dry river bed)


Heading for the hills


Arriving at Mad Dog's archery range


A quick rest stop


Runners group photo and time for a breather



Pussy Basher poses on a cairn at the top of the hill



The idea catches on - Spy Shagger's turn


Andonis joins Spy Shagger


Rim Job has a rest


Greek God has a go too


Pussy Basher poses with the Melissia Cemetary in the background
(Spooky photo for Halloween)




On on down the hill into the shiggy and heading for the path to the left of the field







The Circle

Strawberry4Skin and Mad Dog


The hare's down-down



Mountain Goat and Spy Shagger



Mountain Goat, Doggy Style and Clitoria


Clitoria, Coke Dealer, and Greek God


Greek God, Pussy Basher and Bouboulina




Mad Dog


Shag taking photos


Daughter Danai


Danai and Antonis


Danai, Shag, Antonis


Mountain Goat and Spy Shagger in the circle again










The On Inn was at Mad Dog and Doggy Styles's kennel

(See the following web page)



The Directions


DATE: Sunday, Oct 29, 2017

TIME: 11.00 am

PLACE: Ano Melissia Outdoor Theatre (Northern Suburbs)

HARE: Mad Dog

ON IN: Mad Dog and Doggie Style’s Kennel for a spooky Pizza lunch

ON IN ADDRESS: Just a short walk up the road at Iroon Polytechniou 60A


Wear something (anything) Halloween-ish or scary OR bring a creepy pet (e.g. snake, tarantula, a spouse…)


Meet at Ano Melissia - Open Air Theatre - At the Northern end of Iroon Polytechniou Street.

From the South:
Follow Kifissias Ave northwards towards Maroussi and at the Maroussi square & Germanos building on the left, turn RIGHT for Melissia, (see small sign for Melissia in Greek). Carry on up this road (Odos Pendelis ...changing to Democratias further up) until you come to a hairpin bend. After the bend, ski shop (right) and kiosk (left) continue on up until you see a large BP petrol station on your left (just before you enter the centre of Melissia). You need to turn LEFT here but you can't (legally). You must turn Right and go round the grass island (as the sign indicates) in order to turn left. Continue on up the hill (this is 25th March street), passing the Amelia Fleming hospital on your right and continue STRAIGHT on, through the traffic lights at the cross roads (when green!).

Continued Directions for all routes >>>>>
Continue straight and pass the big Eleftherias square (Ano Melissia) on your right and then St. George's church on your right (Note: the road has now become 17th November street - which further on becomes Agiou Ioannou Street). After passing the church just continue on this road (after a while it will curve to the right and becomes Terpsitheas Street) and shortly you will come to the taverna area called Magginas (you will see a bus stop on the left). Park around here or turn right and go down and park around or behind the Theatre / playground area.

From Kifissia / Ekali / Politia etc:
Come the back way on Harilaou Trikoupi street towards Ano Melissia, passing Kefalari square on your right. Continue on straight, then round the Left, Right and Left bends and continue straight again (sign posted for Melissia, Stavros, Airport, etc). When you arrive at the (usually busy) T-junction in Ano Melissia, turn LEFT onto 17th November street (NOTE: At this junction, most of the traffic will be turning right). Now see Continued Directions ABOVE.

Typographically or cartographically challenged? Lost? Just plain stupid????

Call Mad Dog [he might answer his phone if he has finished his crunchy-spider breakfast] on 6932 511339

BUT First – Read the attached maps!

For Sat Navvies:

GPS location: 38° 03' 54.05" N, 23° 50' 31.47" E

(Or in decimals of a degree: 38.065014 N, 23.842075 E)

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST – go home or take a stroll round your local cemetery