Sunday 11.00 am

15th October 2017

Attiko Alsos Park


Run 2011


Trail length
4.3 km


Starting location:

38.005919, 23.759573


Photos: Rear Entry

Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The trail as recorded by Jack Of Trumphs


Trail from Mad Dog's Strava app


Location of run start (P) - from Google Earth


The Run

A view stop on the run




A fine view of Lykavittos and the Acropolis (top right)


We come across a tortoise


Is this a case of tortoise fondling ?


The Circle

Enjoying some cool beers after the run and walk


Mad Dog calls the circle to order


The hare's down-down



Strawberry4Skin had the tankard with the hole - and hadn't yet realised


Rim Job


Rear Entry


Mad Dog with wild hair



The Taverna

Attikon Alsos Taverna












The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 15th October – 11am

Run 2011-ish….

Hare: S4S

Venue: ‘Tourkovounia’ [Galatsi – Attiko Alsos Park]

On Inn: Attikon Alsos Taverna


From the North

Get onto Kifisias Ave and head Southwards.

After the first underpass at Psychico take the slip road to the right.

At the lights turn right onto MOUSON (this is at Katehaki across from the big Yava fitness).

After about 500 meters, turn left onto PERRIKOU

Follow for another 500 meters then take a sharp right on KARPENISIOTI

Follow the road around the hill and then park where you see the sign that says ATTIKO ALSOS

GPS 38.005919, 23.759573



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