SATURDAY 27th MAY 2017




(Photos by Rear Entry and Mad Dog)



Organizers: Mad Dog and Doggie Style

Two tribes - with team leaders Coke Dealer for A-tribe and Clitoria for B-tribe

The game consisted of four parts:

1 - Banana and Bubble race

2 - Gross food challenge

3 - Puzzle challenge

4 - Skills challenge


Warming-up for the game


Wet Dream feeling fruit(y)


The gross food challenge - eat and swallow the worm and cockroach (candies) - ring bell when complete and return to tribe



Right - Humper Monster and Bouboulina



The puzzle challenge - complete the toddlers puzzle, show it, ring bell and return to tribe

Coke Dealer and Clitoria.


Damn! These modern 3-year olds must be smart to do this!



Pete the Meat and Bouboulina


Doggie Style records the scores and lost points (e.g. forgetting to ring the bell)

Shunt and Spy Shagger



Self Service (Right)


The skills challenge - To cut out a paper elephant (trunk, tail, 4-legs) using different colour from previous tribe member





Doormat runs by. Must have forgotton his bottle of gin.


Thunderthighs snips away


Pete the Meat gets on down


It's getting very close!


Wet Dream cutting out her elephant


One on one point for best design


Skinny elephants.

On totalling the scores, Doggy Style announced that A-tribe had won with 31 points to B-tribes 29 points




Organizers: Pussy Basher & assisted by Coke Dealer and Humper Monster

The hashers were divided into 5 teams. Each team chose one member to be their joker.

If the joker could stand up and tell a joke during a round the team's points were doubled for that round.


The Smart Asses team (the chosen name) with Ass Crack chosen as joker.


The Smart Asses team


The jokers were given a jester's hat


...and a body (skillfully painted on heavy cardboard by Pussy Basher), rattle and mouth





All five jokers







Ass Crack tells a joke



Clitoria's joke


Oxymoron's joke


The hash name quiz. What hash name does each picture represent



Smart Asses came in 3rd out of 5. At least they were not renamed the Dumb Asses

Ass Crack got nominated to co-hare the Sunday morning run.




1. Rear Entry

2. Clitoria

3. Heavy Breather

4. Knob Goblin

5. Coke Dealer

6. Self Service

7. Wet Dream

8. Shunt

9. Dopey Bitch

10. Frosty Nuts

11. Doggy Style

12. Mountain Goat

13. Doormat

14. Pussy Basher

15. Hump Monster

16. Mad Dog

17. Spanish Fly

18. Strawberry Foreskin

19. Thunder Thighs

20. Nasal Ninja

21. Fair Cop

22. Fiery Twat

23. Leanover

24 Lost Property

25. Cabriolaid

26. Queen of Farts

27 Spy Shagger

28. Three and Fourpence

29. Bouboulina

30. Bookmaker

31. Beat the Meat

32. Rim Job

33. Oxymoron

34. Captain Sumo

35. Fat Controller

36. Sweet FA