FRIDAY 26th MAY 2017

RUN 1999


(Photos by Adrianos, Wadim, Rear Entry, Self Service, and Mad Dog)


Aeroplane from Athens to Skiathos

The departure lounge at Athens Airport


Arrival at Skiathos airport


By car and bus to Mantoudi port in Northern Evia

Mantoudi port GPS Location: 38.808712, 23.524626

Beer and snacks at the port while waiting for the (delayed) ferry





More beer while waiting for the ferry


Ferry from Mantoudi port to Skiathos

The 14.30 ferry arrived late at Mantoudi and by the time it reached Skiathos it was running very late
- and by then the weather had changed to rain.


The Proteus


Looks difficult to use - and a bit public


Marco, it says "No Entry"


Stopping at the island of Alonnisos


Doggy Style relaxing on board


Pete The Meat enjoying the view


Stopping at the island of Skopelos

(Panoramic view >>>> Scroll Right >>>)



Loading all the trucks took a long time as they all had to back-in up the ship's ramp.


What better way to pass the time on board than to drink Gin and Tonic





Doormat kindly supplied the drinks


Good stuff!


Skiathos port Jetty GPS location: 39.162069, 23.492592


The Run

Scheduled start at 17.30 - so those on the ferry missed the run


The trail as recorded by Pussy Basher on his Garmin watch

















Drinks on Strawberry Foreskin's boat

(He, leanover and two family members had sailed to Skiathos from Aegina to join in the hash weekend)







The Circle














The Taverna

Nice food, presentation and service but a bit pricy at 19 euros each


Fair Cop's card game for the weekend


Nasal Ninja and Queen Of Farts invented a game of matching parts of hash names to create new ones -

- with the best one receiving the prize of a bottle of Champagne at dinner on Saturday evening.

(The above is just an example and was not the winner)


The Hotel

(GPS location: 39.163725, 23.477802 )

Hotel Lalaria GPS Location: 39.163725, 23.477802









The Programme



Unfortunately the ferry from Mantoudi was very late in arriving in Skiathos so the hashers

arriving by ferry missed joining the hash at 18.30 and had to go directly to the taverna.

(However, considering the amount of booze consumed at Mantoudi and on the ferry they would not have been in a state to run)