Sunday 11.00 am

21st May 2017

(the end beach)


Run 1998


Trail length
5.2 km

Pussy Basher & Pete The Meat

Starting location:

37.816804°, 23.766973°


Photos: mostly Mad Dog
Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The trail from Pussy Basher's Garmin GPS watch


The trail - from MD's Strava app.






Before the run


Hares Pussy Basher and Pete the Meat give the low-down on their trail

(To see this location, see satellite image at bottom, below the directions)



We don't believe you PB


Ready to go!



The Run and Walk




Pete the Meat with the hash horn




Runners pose for a scenic photo




Panoramic view >>>> Scroll right >>>>







Panoramic view >>>> Scroll right >>>>


A little island just off from the beach


The hares say "that-a-way"





Fair Cop stops for a breather


Mad Dog running past some beach tavernas


Lets's have a quick rest


The runners gather for another quick group photo before setting off for the on-in


Mad Dog tests Captain Sumo's new sunglasses


The Circle


The hares


The hares



View of the circle


Clitoria and Coke Dealer


Kiki (Cousin of Flesh Gordon)


Visitor from Germany



Visitors from NY - being asked the 4th question





Fair Cop with Mad Dog



Spy Shagger


...wearing flip flops in the circle



Anna - caught wearing new trainers ...so


she has to drink beer from one...


good sport!


Pete the Meat


Fair Cop


The Taverna

Pussy Basher stands by this famous taverna (formally a hang-out for the old Greek film stars)


Front (sea-side) view of the taverna (a sort of shack)


The hasher's wait for the drink and food to arrive



Scenes from old films adorn the walls - with photos of the stars that frequented the taverna



The Beach







The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 21st May – 11am

Hare: CU Wadim   (Unfortunately was sick so PB & PTM laid trail instead)

Venue: Kavouri

On Inn: tbc


From the centre of town go down Leoforous Vouliagameni till the very end traffic lights, turn left onto the coast road towards Vouliagameni
** Straight on over next traffic lights (which is the way to the new airport via Vari if you turned left here).

***** Keep going on coast road dual carriageway passing sign to Kavouri on right as this leads to the little beach. We want the bigger beach at the end - as far away as we can get from the crowds. At second traffic lights turn right, there is a Shell garage on the other side of the dual carriageway, & a large palm tree in middle of road. Go straight on to next Palm tree which will be on your left, as far as you can get down along the coast, the sea will be on your right.

From the south follow directions from **

From the north take the Attica Odos towards the airport, then take the exit to Koropi but shortly turn left towards Vari & Glyfada (signposted). Go along the long dual carriageway & through Vari (be careful it can be busy) to the end traffic lights & turn left into the coast road, then follow directions from ****

GPS coordinates: 37°49'00.6"N 23°46'01.2"E (or 37.816804°, 23.766973° )

OR: https://goo.gl/maps/Py9WLbFYwtQ2

(you can paste this into the Google search window to get an instant map)

Lost? Still drunk from the night before? Directionally challenged?? Just plain stupid????

Call the hare: Wadim 6942 564900