14th May 2017 - AH3 Run 1997

Hare: Mad Dog

Trail length: 6.9 km

GPS:  38.1057416, 23.9787861






The drive over Pendeli mountain to Nea Makri

The Broom bushes in full flower



A magnificent sight


Panoramic view >>>> Scroll right >>>>


The Run and Walk

Meeting up in the large Kalokairaki beach car park


Runners head off towards the beach


Rear Entry and Pussy Basher return after missing the turning


Chickens - the promised dinosaurs


A cockerel (rooster) with his female admirers


Statue of Miltiades at the Tumulus of the Athenian Warriors at Marathon


Modern warriors




Crossing the tumulus car park towards the entrance gate




No money for the 6-euro obligatory combined entry ticket


On On and heading for Marathon town (village)


Beach tavernas near the town square (platia)


The square at Marathon town


The square in Marathon with the runner statue & the AH3 version


Wadim (having taken the previous photo) has a go


Pussy Basher and Mad Dog viewing octopus tentacles hanging outside a taverna


The trail leads into the Marathon town beach parking area where the On In sign is hidden


On In runners!


Hare Mad Dog and his sign


View of Marathon bay from the parking area

(photo taken the previous day with dust from Africa in the air)


The On In is a run back along the beach. This is the Marathon town end



Marathon tavernas

(photo taken the previous day with dust from Africa in the air)


The Circle

The hare's down-down



Pussy Basher, Wadim and Rear Entry



Fair Cop for short cutting the trail






Cabriolaid gets the beach fashion award


Harriette mothers on Mother's Day




Lunch on the beach

Sunny and 32 degrees Celsius


The hashers are in there if you look carefully


The Cantina at Kalokairaki beach that somehow manages to serve food and drinks to all the beachgoers


The hashers relaxing in the sun after eating lunch


The Directions

Sunday 14th May – 11am

Run: 1997

Hare: Mad Dog

Venue: Paralia Marathonas [Marathon Beach], near Nea Makri

Beach: Kalokairaki Beach – also fondly known to AH3 as Scrubbeach

On Inn: Picnic on the beach

Bring: Swimming cozzies, sun block, and a picnic lunch

(you can also buy lunch at the Cantina on beach - e.g. club sandwich with chips in a box, hamburger, wraps, etc.)

Available: Sun beds, umbrellas, shower; decent toilets (can use for changing)
(Note - Facilities free but they hope you will buy something from the Cantina)


Starting from Marathonos Avenue - at the junction with Leof. Dionisou mountain road in Nea Makri

(See below for directions to get to this junction with Marathonos Ave.)

Continue north along Marathonos Avenue in the direction of Marathon for 1.9 km (You will pass the brown sign for the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods on your right and then an AVIN petrol station on your left).

Turn RIGHT at the sign for PARALIA MARATHONOS (and Hotel Golden Coast) into Fidippidou street

(There are traffic lights and a small slip road here. CAREFUL Don't miss this turning!!).

Continue along this street for 550 metres (it has a left-hand bend after 220 metres)

Turn RIGHT at the narrow Alamanas Street (easy to miss, so go slow)

(At this turning there is a sign saying "Kalokairaki")

Continue down Alamanas Street for 470 metres and turn left through the gateway into the parking area.

We meet somewhere in this large car park.



(A) Coming from Halandri / Vrilissia / Melissia:
Get on Leoforos Pendelis (the road which goes up from Vrilissia to Pendeli Village)
Ignore signs left to NEA Pendeli on the road up to Pendeli
Eventually you come to (Paleio) Pendeli village
Follow the road through the village.
(Do not take the first few turnings to the right)
Eventually you will come to a large open area
(many tavernas here - particularly on the far side)
Look for a road (Skoufou) to the right signposted to Nea Makri
Follow this road out of the village
As you leave Pendeli you pass a sign on your left for the Christos-Olympia taverna (light blue-green with picture of mountains)
You are now on the mountain road to Aghios Petros.

The road will rise in elevation for a few km then start to fall as the sea comes into view.
After a few more km and some sharp bends you will come to a T-junction.

Turn right towards Nea Makri and the sea.
Immediately you will pass the Panorama restaurant on your right.
Continue to the bottom of the hill.
You arrive at Marathonos Avenue at the T-junction & traffic lights at Nea Makri.

(B) Coming from the centre of Athens:
Take Kifissias Ave. northwards through Kifissia, Erythrea, Ekali, etc.
Turn right after Ekali at the signpost for Dionysos / Nea Makri.
Continue up and over the mountain and then descend down the other side to the bottom.
You arrive at Marathonos Avenue at the T-junction & traffic lights at Nea Makri.

For Sat Navvies: 38° 06' 20.67" N, 23° 58' 43.63" E (or 38.1057416° N, 23.9787861° E )

(you can paste this into the Google search window to get an instant map)

OR: Use this direct link (from Google Maps > Share > Short URL):

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call the hare: Mad Dog on 693-251-1339





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