unday 09.00

9th April 2017

Island of Hydra


Run 1993-B


Trail length
Rock Race : 13.5 km

The Organizers

Starting location:

37.350950°, 23.466845°



Official website of the Hydra Trail Event:



Rock race
Starting at 09.00

Our participants: Pussy Basher, Knob Goblin, Josh


The official Rock Race route from the Hydra Trail Event website


Pussy Basher's GPS recording from his Garmin watch as he ran the route


At the Mistral hotel before the race - Knob Goblin with Josh


At the port before the race - Knob Goblin, Josh and Pussy Basher


All three setting off from the port


The Hoopla group consisting of Clitoria, Coke Dealer, Doggie Style and Mad Dog


Cheering and encouraging the runners


Josh closely followed by Knob Goblin on the scenic coastal return section of the race -

and shortly after the refreshment station





Pussy Basher



Knob Goblin and Josh arriving back at the port


The three with their participation medals


Relaxing on the beach at the Four Seasons Hotel after the run (a 4 km walk from the port)



The Taverna

The Beautiful Hydra taverna at the front of the port

(Cloth tablecloths and wine at 14 euros/bottle + poor quality food .... Avoid in future)