Sunday 2nd April 2017   -    Run number 1991

Hare: Mad Dog

Trail length: 7.2 km

GPS: 38.137778, 23.821389






The Farmhouse


Hashers gathering on the open area adjacent to the farmhouse


Fair Cop welcomes the visitors at the pre-run circle


The hare


The hare Mad Dog says the trail starts that way


The walkers set off







Rear Entry poses for the photo


Mountain Goat with Fair Cop


Mountain Goat and Mad Dog



The only tortoise we saw on the run


Spy Shagger jokes that it's no entry for runners too





Here the trail led into challenging shiggy





Rear Entry lifts a branch to allow Adrian to pass under



Decending into the dry river bed or "rema"


Back on roads again


Barbara got a scratched leg on the run so we bandaged it up for fun






Visitors (Barbara's parents and VDD from France presently with the Istanbul hash) are called into the circle











Mountain Goat and Formosa Flyer have been away




Wet Dream and Doggy Style both have birthdays




Thanassis was wearing very tight and revealing shorts






The Water Lilies (Ta Noufara)










4 tortoises seen







Poisonous caterpillar's nest




Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 2nd April – 11am

Run 1991-ish…


Venue: KRIONERI [farmhouse]

On Inn: local taverna


A quiet and scenic woodland area - ideal for running, walking, observing nature, and noisy excessive drinking

Get on the National Road (Ethniki Odos) as if going to Lamia
Continue North past the exits for Kifissia (traffic lights) and Varibobi (flyover).
Turn off at the next exit North of Varibobi
(This is signposted for Aghios Stefanos and Krioneri)
At the end of the exit slip road, turn LEFT and go under the bridge (signposted to Krioneri)
Zero your odometer here*
Follow this road for 1.5km or so and you come to Krioneri village
Follow the windy road THROUGH the village and out the other side
You go downhill for 50m and then up
You then come to a farmhouse on your right (2.3km)
We meet at an open space opposite this farmhouse
(this is on the back road from Krioneri to Tatoi and Varibobi)

*The start point for the run and walk is 2.3km from the National Road exit.

NOTE: The bridge under the National Road leading to Krioneri can also be reached by - driving North on Kifissias avenue and (keeping on the same road all the way and ignoring road name changes) passing through Kifissia, Nea Erithrea, Ekali, Anoixi, Ag. Stefanos.

GPS Coordinates are: 38° 08' 16.11" N, 23° 49' 17.42" E (or more conveniently 38.137778, 23.821389 )

Just look out for the horse or shepherd and his flock of sheep, or other hashers with hangovers :-)

Mad Dog’s Mobile: 693 251 1339 (but only if you are desperate)















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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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