12th March 2017

11.00 am




North-West Athens

38.127214, 23.794154



AH3 Run 1988

Hare: Rear Entry

Run length: 4.9km


Photos,Trail image,Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail



Elevation profile showing about a 70m climb


Before the run

After a week of heavy rain a few brave hashers ventured out expecting even more rain.

But the RA did his job and the hash was rain-free even though there were black clouds overhead.


OK, it's cold and seems like no one else is coming, so let's go!


The Run and Walk

Away they go!




Bee hive hazard


A white flour check


Someone with a sense of humour

had decorated this tree for Christmas.

Rim Job poses by it to give a sense of scale.


Seemed like a good idea to pose with it.
Upper: Fair Cop and Rim Job
Lower: Clitoria, Rear Entry (hare), Coke Dealer

Mad Dog joins in while Rear Entry takes the photo



Lovely scenery (all soaking wet)


Up here...


Past a derelict house


Coke Dealer poses in the tree


After we return to the start Oxymoron arrives just in time for the circle



The Circle



Wet Dream shows-off the new table for preparing the down-downs











The Taverna







The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 12TH March – 11am

Run 1988

Hare: Rear Entry

Venue: Varibobi

On Inn: tbc


From wherever you come:

- follow the road signs to Varibobi, cross the Varibobi Bridge (Flyover) over the National Road to Lamia, continue on this windy road, that after a while becomes a long straight road going slightly uphill, at the end of the road there is a roundabout [with a horse head statue in the middle] and junction with the road coming from Tatoi Airport [note the STOP sign!]

- do not turn left towards Varibobi village.

- do not turn right for the King’s Estate.

Directly opposite the STOP sign there is a small taverna CAVALLARI – park in the car park. The run will start here.

GPS: 38.127214, 23.794154

Lost? Directionally Challenged?? Just plain stupid???

Call: Rear Entry 6942 477992