Sunday 11.00 am

5th March 2017



Run 1987


Trail length

5.7 km

Fair Cop

Starting location:

37.950234°, 24.013552°


Photos & web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

Screen shot from Strava runner's app website


Garmin 305 GPS track added to Google Earth Pro application image of Loutsa


The Run

The hare's triple "F" false trail at the start of the run


The 7 runners set off along a coastal path


Heading inland


A quiet lane


"Someone has removed my check" says the hare Fair Cop


Anna keeps up with the pack


Signs of Spring


On on!


We pass some nice summer houses


Interesting garden


A sea of flowering weeds make for a nice running experience


Proof that the hare did make some checks


Fair Cop takes a snap of Mad Dog running


A winter blue sky


More wild flowers


Posing for a photo by the beach




Another section of the run follows the coastline


Fair Cop and Mad Dog decide to stop for a beer while the unsuspecting pack head for a dead-end false-trail


Cheers! says Fair Cop


Mad Dog also enjoying a little refreshment rest during the run


Adrianos joins us but declines a beer


Off again!


Rocky shoreline and a crystal-clear sea


Can this really only be March?


Loutsa's little marina


The Circle








The Taverna





Fair Cop's and Wet Dream's pad for coffee




The directions to the hash - for the record


Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 5TH March – 11am

**DOUBLE WHAMMY - 2 runs this week **

Runs 1986 & 1987

Option 1.

AH3 join the PAPHOS Marathon run

Venue: Cyprus J

get on a plane….

Option 2.

AH3 invade LOUTSA

Hare: Fair Cop & Wet Dream

Venue: Loutsa

On Inn: Christina taverna

you can join the select few who will be enjoying Fair Cop’s exquisitely crafted trail in the picturesque and sporadically rubbish-free seaside paradise that is Loutsa! As an added bonus, the on-inn will be at the ever popular Christina Taverna.


From Attiki Odos,

exit 16 (Rafina) . at the end of the motorway, turn right past Smart Park and Attica Zoo, head for Spata.. Turn left at the lights, up the hill with “Voi & Noi” on your left. Across the lights, pass AB on your right, then turn left at the lights. Follow this road for several km, past the back gate of the airport, through the outskirts of Loutsa, and down to the coast. Then follow the directions below

Avoiding Attiki Odos?

Coming out of Athens on Mesogeion, immediately after passing under the Attiki Odos , take the right turn to Spata. Follow the signage all the way into Spata, , where there are signs for Artemis/Loutsa. From there, follow directions as above.

From the South

Get to the Airport, go past the turnings for arrivals and departures, and head for the exhibition centre and technical area. Keep going past the speed bumps, past the sign that says “No access beyond this point”, and dive confidently out through the checkpoint. It will open.

At the traffic lights, turn right, and you are on the main road into Loutsa. Stay on this road down to the sea and follow the directions below.

When you reach the sea, turn right at the lights.

Follow this road, past MY MARKET and another couple of kilometres. You are looking for the REVOIL petrol station on your left. From the garage, about 300m, a couple of bends, until you reach a few shops on your right. Turn sharp left before the bicycle shop (PODHLATA GT DYNO).

Hash signs (HHH) lead to the Christina Taverna.


It will take you at least 30 minutes from Mesogeion, 20 minutes from the Attiki Odos exit , or at least 15 from the Airport

For Sat Navvies: 37°57'1.23"N 24° 0'48.63"E (or 37.950234°, 24.013552°)


Lost ? Confused ? Just plain stupid ? So what’s new!!

either go home or call the hare: FC 6932 096555