Sunday 11.00 a.m.

29th January, 2017



Paleo Pendeli
Pilabox Run



AH3 Run 1981

38.056960, 23.874835


Photos: Rear Entry & Pussy Basher

Web page: Mad Dog



Before the run and walk

Rear Entry, Barbara and Pussy Basher ran the 10k,

Coke Dealer, Clitoria, Spy Shagger, Cabrio-layed and Thanasis did the 4km walk

Group photos



The Run and Walk

Pussy Basher with his participation medal


The Taverna

The hashers show off their participation medals



The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Sunday 29TH January 2017 – 10am



register for the PILABOX trail race here &

send transaction copy to info@pilabox.com

Venue: Penteli

On Inn: tbc

There are 2 trails: 4k or 10k and the fee is €12 or €15 respectively [fee includes Pasta Meal – see below].

Each participant will have to pickup their start pack which includes their participant number, chrono chip, head bandana, t shirt, pasta meal coupon, isotonic drink, energy bar, water – these can be picked up in advance from Pilabar ¯ or at the start of the race in Penteli on Sunday morning [between 08.00 and 09.00hrs].

The Pasta Meal included in registration cost can be enjoyed @ Pilabar/Pilabox which is at 94 Heraklitou str, Tel: 210 6615758, this is the road leading down to Doukissis Plakentias metro station. Participants can go for their pasta meal with their registration details / voucher on Friday 27th January or Saturday 28th January between 15.00hrs and 23.00hrs.


starting point is 500 metres up the mountain from Old Penteli Square following signs for Nea Makri... or 500 ms before Old Penteli Sq if you are coming from Nea Makri.

For Sat Navvies: 38.056960, 23.874835

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