Sunday 22th January 2017

H4 Run 2052

Bear Creek Park, Houston, Texas


"Make Australia Great Britain Again"

Tender Vittles, Putin Pullout, Parson's Nose,
Mad Dog, London Fag

29.814008°, -95.645272°
End: 29.811020°, -95.675358°
Beer Check: 29.806625°, -95.669458°

Trail length: 8.46 km ( 5.26 miles)

Photographer: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog

T H E     T R A I L -

BC = Beer check  (i.e, Beer stop)

On an A-to-B run, a truck (Sag Waggon) takes all the hashers kit bags (with their change of clothes, etc) to the end of the run.

Tender Vittles and Putin Pullout laid trail on Sunday morning. Mad Dog drove the Sag Waggon and provided support.

Parson's Nose and Juices Flowing arranged the food and beer for everyone - a big task with so many hashers attending.


Start of the run - the parking area next to the Bear Creek Methodist cemetary


Beer check


End of the run - at the entrance to the Bear Creek park


Interesting...on the drive to the park entrance - opposite the West Houston Airport - a fine Vietnamese Temple


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Parson's Nose and Juice's Flowing are the haberdashers and were selling all sorts of Houston Hash items during the afternoon.

They had hung streams of Union Jack flags between the trees.


Tender Vittles (holding large tankard) with hash dog Merlin in the circle


RA  "Easy To Please" conducting the circle.

The road cone (Coney) is put on the head of anyone talking loudly in the circle.

Some hashers wear Happy Coats embelished with hash patches (cloth badges).


The circle is ending and all the food and beer (bottles and cans) have been consumed (see empty coolers)


Buzzards roosting in a tree nearby


- T H E    ON-ON -

Watson's Pub (nearby):

Watson's House of Ale
14656 Grisby Rd
Houston, TX 77079

(281) 920-2929 )

A number of UK beers including Newcastle Brown. Also nice cod and chips.


Pub location: 29.782575°, -95.643284°


- T H E    R U N    R E P O R T -




DIRECTIONS (From the H4 web site)

H4 Hash #2052 — Make Australia Great Britain Again
When: Sun, January 22, 2pm – 6pm
Where: Bear Creek Methodist Cemetery, Hwy 6, Houston, TX 77084, USA (map)

Description: The trail is 4-5 miles of shiggy. Bring $5 hash cash, long socks, bug and gator repellent, change of clothes and whistle.

Directions: I-10 to Highway 6, north on Highway 6, parking lot is on NE corner of Patterson Road and Highway 6. (Update 1-21-17, Swipe)

For more information on the day of the run, call the hotline, which is updated daily. 71-DIAL-HASH.


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