Sunday 11.00 am

27th November 2016

Syngrou Park


Run 1973


Trail length
5.9 km

Coke Dealer and Cabrio-Laid

Starting location:

38.064889 N, 23.809922 E


Photos and Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The start and circle were in the car park (top left)


Trail map from the Strava smartphone application website


Elevation profile (trail looks much steeper than it really was)



The Run and Walk

Setting off from the car park (seen on the right)


Heading through the Agricultural school courtyard garden - with hash horn blowing


The walkers - Clitoria, Cabriolaid and Bouboulina


Hare Coke Dealer poses by her check


Rear Entry arriving late as he misread the directions for the hash venue


Coke Dealer with one of a number of the derelict buildings in the park behind her


Running through an olive grove in the park


An area of rather neglected fruit trees


Overnight rain had made some paths muddy


Runners catch up with the walkers for a champagne stop (well done, hares)


Group photo with Frosty Nuts opening the champagne bottle



Flour blob on a fire hydrant - Cabriolaid's handiwork



Black clouds are beginning to fill the sky


An opportunity to pose - Fair Cop with Coke Dealer


Fair Cop with Mad Dog



A fallen tree in the park - another camera opportunity




Coke Dealer with Spy Shagger and Mad Dog nearing the end of the trail


The Circle


Frosty Nuts, Wet Dream, Clitoria and Cabriolaid strike a nonchalant pose



The Hares down-down. It's Cabriolaid's first trail



Cabriolaid is not too impressed with the taste of the down-down beer


Fair Cop with Rear Entry


Spy Shagger has forgotten to remove her cap in the circle


That's more like it :-)


Where have you been Bouboulina?


And Frosty too


Cabriolaid gets another down-down


The On-On
The International Christmas Bazaar
Helexpo - Maroussi


Henna hand painting


Lovely work but will it wash off?


A huge variety of foods and goods on offer at the different country's stands




Dancers from Egypt give a performance on the stage at the end of the hall



Doggy Style buys a jar of fig jam




The Indonesian stand



The directions to the hash - for the record


Sunday 27th November – 11am

Hare[s]: Coke Dealer & Cabriolaid

Venue: Syngrou Park Car Park



Syngrou Park - Maroussi (Athens Northern Suburbs)

Coming from Athens go up Kifissias Avenue.
Go through / past Maroussi.
Pass a cinema complex on your left.
Syngrou Park is now on your right. Continue on up in the right hand lane for 1/2 km or so. At the traffic light junction for the KAT hospital turn RIGHT into the Syngrou Park car park.

NOTE: If you pass the park and start to enter Kifissia you have gone past the car-park entrance. With heavy traffic you may have to turn around at the Kifissia park / bus station (Get in the left-hand lane).

Going southwards on Kifissias Avenue.
Go through/past Kifissia.
Get into the left-hand traffic lane & then turn left at the KAT traffic lights - directly into the Syngrou Park car park entrance.

NOTE: If you reach the Odeon Cinema complex on you right-hand side you have gone too far. Turn round here, as there are traffic lights, else you may end-up in Maroussi.

By Metro / Electrico
Take the Piraeus - Kifissia line and get off at the KAT (hospital) station. Once out of the station, walk up the road at right angles to the railway tracks in the direction of the KAT hospital. You will immediately pass the Venetis store on your right. Keep straight and in 450 metres you reach Kifissias Ave. Immediately across the road is the Syngrou car park entrance.
Remember, this line is slow so leave plenty of time.

Meet in the upper section of the car park <<<

GPS: 38° 3'53.60"N, 23°48'35.72"E (38.064889 N, 23.809922 E)