10km Road Race

Sunday 13th November 2016 @ 08.45

Athens Hash run 1971

Start: Amalias Avenue

End: Panathinaikon or Marble Stadium

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Plot of the altitude along the course - up then down


The walk to the Stadium






Waiting for the hashers



Walking to the start



The 10km road race





Block 6 (the last block) starts off


The back of block 6 and the rescue vehicle


Syntagma Square and the parliament building



Disk Jockey playing loud music to motivate the runners









The Hilton Hotel




Water station



The Megaron music centre


The Athens Tower




Enthusiastic cheerleaders


Line of DHL vans holding the bags of the Marathon runners




Changing of the presidential guard (on Irodou Attikou street)


Irodou Attikou street leads directly to the stadium and the end of the run


Entering the stadium


Doggy Style waiting for the hashers to finish the run (note large bag)


Mad Dog with finishers medal


Stadium filling up with more spectators anticipating the arrival of the first Marathon runners



The other hashers join us and Doggy Style pours the beers


The hashers with their medals



The parade of the Greek Olympic Team (Rio 2016)



Hashers watching the Marathon runners entering the stadium


Walking to the James Joyce Irish pub


Doggy Style and Coke Dealer pose with a Spartan warrior

(Note: The Greek Lambda character on the shield stands for the ancient Spartan leader Leonides)


At the sponsor AVRA mineral water stand.

Anna Korakaki - Two time Olympic medal winner in air pistol shooting.


The duck pond in the National Gardens


Hashers crossing the bridge


Lots of over-fed ducks


Rear Entry takes a group photo

L-to-R: Frosty Nuts, Spy Shagger, Doggy Style, Coke Dealer, Mad Dog


Rear Entry's find - a parking lot close to St. Paul's Anglican Church (at end of the road) and to the National Gardens.


The James Joyce Irish pub - an oasis of tranquility in the middle of Thisio Sunday street market madness


Thirsty hashers posing for a photo while waiting for the drinks to arrive


Coke Dealer's meal - Roast Beef with all the trimmings!


Doggy Style's salmon with asparagus


Jo's salad


Mad Dog's Irish breakfast (sadly no traditional black and white pudding)


Spy Shagger's chicken with wheat


Rear Entry had the Steak and Guiness Pie with mashed potato and gravy (a favorite)


Location of the James Joyce Irish Pub



The medals and bibs






Coke Dealer's AVRA sponsor's team engraved medal




Below is the specially designed BIB worn by the Athens Hashers...


The directions from the Hash Trash

Next AH3 Hashing event

Event: Athens Marathon 10 km Road Race

Date: Sunday 13th November 2016

Run No: 1971

Race Start: Amalias Avenue in front the Zappeion Megaro entrance

Race Start time: 08.35 -to- 08.49 am

Race End: Panathinaikon (Marble) Stadium


Yes, we know it’s a bit early in the morning for you guys but sometimes sacrifices have to be made….

READ CAREFULLY – I will only write this once!

THE PLAN: Mad Dog and Doggy Style will meet you just to the right of the Right Hand entrance of the Panathinaikon (Marble) stadium (as you face the stadium from the road) at 08.15.

To get to the stadium you can exit at the nearest metro which is Syntagma Square and follow the crowd of runners through the National Gardens, past the Zappion and proceed to the stadium.

We will put all your bags holding a change of clothes, etc. into one large bag and take it into the stadium seating area at 08.25 (the usual location - about half way down on the right hand side as you face the stadium from the road). Here Doggie Style will look after it until you collect it at the end of the run.

We will give you your special Athens Hash team 10km BIB (with number 69696) to stick on your T-shirt (if you don’t already have one) to confuse the officials and get you into the stadium at the end of the race.

You will then hurry across to the Zappeion building (allow at least 10 mins for this) and join the other 10km runners on Amalias Avenue in front the Zappeion Megaro entrance and at the level of the Eurobank building in the direction of Syntagma Square.

The run starts at 08.35 for elite runners (block-1) but block-4 starts at 08.43, block-5 at 08.46 (This one is good), block-6 at 08.49 so you have a choice of when to start.

If you don't have a bag (or wish to run with it) then you can go directly to the Zappeion entrance on Amalias and join the race. If you have a bag and are late, then you will need to find Doggy Style in the stadium. Look for the large JUMBO plastic bag holding the runners bags which should be easy to see.

At the end of the run you will probably be herded into the stadium by the officials and given a participation medal. Don't worry, the sponsors give them lots of spare ones.

Doggy Style's mobile no. is 693 680 9664 (but she may not hear it ringing in the stadium if the music is playing loudly. You could also try sending an SMS).

(Mad Dog's mobile is 693 251 1339 but may not be answered after the race starts).

We will all meet in the Stadium after the run (Where Doggy Style will be sitting) as we plan to have a mini-circle in the stadium, watch some of the first Marathon runners arrive and then go to the James Joyce for lunch after the run as usual.

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST – just go home…..or meet us at the James Joyce Irish Pub in Thiseio at about 11.30 am to 12.00 noon


(1) Wear an old Marathon T-shirt if possible to blend-in as we are not officially registered.

(2) To be sure you get officially photographed during your run, look out for the Marathon Photos (or other) photographers and run past them (preferably waving so that they notice you). This is particularly effective as you enter and run through the stadium at the end.

Your photos will be available on the website www.marathon-photos.com after they are uploaded by entering your BIB number. We’ll download and post a selection of these on the AH3 website.

(3) The official Athens Marathon website (English language version) for more information: http://www.athensauthenticmarathon.gr/site/index.php/en/

(4) The James Joyce Irish Pub website (for directions): http://www.jjoyceirishpubathens.com/

The address is Astiggos 12, Thiseio and is located about half way between the Monastiraki and Thision metro stations. Astiggos street leads of from the main street Ermou.





Frosty Nuts

(Bib number 25401)








Coke Dealer
(Bib number 39381)







Mad Dog
(Bib number 69696)












Rear Entry
(Bib number 69696)

Unfortunately lost his bib before he could get in front of an official camera


That's all folks!