Athens Hash 1969

At two locations - Syngrou Park and The Island of Poros (see lower section)

30th October 2016



Walk with Mad Dog, Doggie Style and Kum Kwik

GPS location: 38.064889 N, 23.809922 E

Distance 4.8 km


Trail from the Strava app website


Trail from the Strava app .gpx file converted to a .kml file and loaded into Google Earth Pro.


Diagram of Syngrou Park near the church


Doggie Style with Kum Kwik at the start of the walk.

We used a system of rotating hares.



Hare Doggy Style


Hare Kum Kwik


Stop for a photo outside an enviromental organization office


The experimental vineyard


Hare Mad Dog


Doing "69" in the park for the 1969th run


Doggie Style had been picking flowers on the way


Pose in front of the Syngrou statue


Selfie at our mini-circle




Later - At the Sterna (meaning Cistern) Taverna on Tsakalof Street in Maroussi

(It's just down the road from the Cistern that's at the end of Pefkon Street)

An attractive and quiet (except for us) little garden for eating outside.

GPS Location: 38.057190°, 23.823739°


Baked potatoes make a healthy change from chips. Tomato salad contains capers and olives.


Boiled Goat with onion


A generous slab of tasty Graviera cheese (A Greek cheese mainly produced in Crete)


If you like cats you won't be disappointed.

And along with a plate of meatballs and 2 carafes of white wine just 10 euros a head.




Hashers were there to support Strawberry4Skin in the "Round The Island" yacht race

Attending...Strawberry4Skin, Leanover, Clitoria, Captain Sumo, Coke Dealer, Humper Monster, Virgil, etc.

GPS location: 37.499745°, 23.451485°



Sailing over from Aegina Island...

Approaching Poros port




Clitoria checking out the menu at the taverna


Strawberry4Skin and leanover trying to decide what to eat


Humper Monster and Coke Dealer who seems to have decided on an item on the menu






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