Sunday 25th September 2016

Run number 1962

Greek Island of Aegina

Combined Athens and Piss-Tash-Yo Hash

Hares: Aliass and Strawberry4Skin

Start: Entrance to the port

Start GPS: 37.746195°, 23.426990°

Run length: 5.2 km


Run and walk started from outside the port entrance as shown


The trail as recorded on a Garmin 305 GPS


Just a few of the hundreds of pistachio tree plantations on Aegina


Leaving Pireaus on the Posidon Hellas ferry


Pireaus in the distance


Doggy Style in the lounge


Seagull flying alongside the ferry


Approaching the port of Aegina


Flying Dolphin (Russian-built hydrofoil).

The worn engines are burning oil and creating a lot of black smoke and soot.


Arrival on the car ferry at the port at Aegina town on Aegina Island


Heading along the jetty towards the town


Looking back at two docked ferries


The little chapel on the jetty


Mad Dog poses with the cannons


The harriettes meet up for a chat


RA Fair Cop calls the pre-run circle to order


We have some new boots and visitors


And hasher Aliass (Preston Pete) in the pink shorts -

who has driven to Greece from the UK on his motorbike.


We (runners and walkers) stop at the periptero (kiosk) for bottles of water before setting off.


A horse and carriage plying for trade outside the port area


The runners are away - following the white flour trail laid by the hares


We pass the archaeological site of Kolona - which was the acropolis of the ancient city and it's religious and political base.

Kolona was first inhabited in 3500 b.c. which was the copper era.


The runners enter the beach section of the run


A flour blob can be seen on ther right marking the trail


Heading along the beach


The hare Aliass poses on his check - with Fair Cop posing behind


Mad Dog gets a break from photographing to get photographed himself.


A fun pose by some of the runners


A falsie at the end of an alleyway


The walkers led by Strawberry4Skin who would normally run but is nursing a hangover


On On runners



Runners meet up with walkers


New harriette poses with this colourful Bougainvillea


We arrive at the Beer Stop at Playboy2 and Flutterby's house


Nice smiles from the harriettes - with Clitoria in the foreground


The rear garden view


The Hashers pose on the steps (as they have in the past)

Host Playboy2 is in the turquoise T-shirt


We set off for the beach and a local pussy cat looks at us with amusement as we pass


On on to the beach


At the beach, our new boots prepare for the circle (?)


The circle



The hares S4S and Aliass are awarded the traditional beer down down



Captain Sumo's down down for front running


New boots Vergil and partner


The three questions


And then Clitoria asks the fourth question


Terry from Long Beach, California (and her friend behind)


A visitor from previous hashes


Unfortunately for Aliass his new trainers have been spotted - and that means they must be drunk from.


Beer strained theough his sock goes into the shoe


Delicious ?


After lunch and coffee we head for the port and a ferry to return us to Pireaus


We catch the Ahaios car ferry


Leaving the port on the ferry


Doggy Style relaxing in the lounge


View from the deck of a very calm sea


Back inside the passenger lounge




Both sides of the menu from the souvlaki taverna where we ate lunch


The cafe where all had an after-lunch coffee and some sweet


The cafe's business card



A flyer from the ferry car companies plying trade with Aegina


The ferry schedule given to us on board the ferry to Aegina indicating return times


Ferry company contact numbers at their various destinations.


The outgoing and return ferry tickets (per person)

The retun fare is more expensive at 9.80 euros against 8.70 euros


The Pireaus Port underground parking charge for the day - 13 euros for 8 hours

(5 euros for the first hour, then 1 euro per hour)


(as sent out to the hashers on the e-mail list)


Next AH3 Hashing event:

Run: 1962

Sunday 25th September – midday [12 o’clock…]


Hares: Strawberry Foresk!n & maybe Preston Pete

Venue: Aegina…. run starts from port area J, there will be a bag drop off vehicle

On Inn: local taverna

weekend option! For those who want to make a weekend out of it and fancy going over on Saturday there is a suggested cheapish hotel from the motley Aegina crew [€40 for Saturday night or €35 per night if you stay longer] so either:

1. contact Flutterby [Pam] for more info on mob 6938782129, home 22970 26999

2. contact the Marmarinos Hotel direct, telephone 22970 23510 & 22970 22474. Talk to Spiros. Mention Pam!


Get to Piraeus and get on a boat to Aegina, there is a car ferry which leaves 10.30 and arrives 11.35 [passenger ticket €8 each way], also a Flying Dolphin which leaves at 11.00 and arrives 11.40 [passenger ticket costs €14 each way]. See Ferry info below ¯ for more options and the schedule for return from Aegina to Piraeus the same day:



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