Sunday 11.00 am

29th May 2016



Run 1956


Trail lengths
Runners: ? km
Walkers: 3.9 km

Rear Entry

Starting location:

38° 8'35.55"N, 24° 2'49.74"E


Photos: Rear Entry, Absolut, Doggy Style

Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The walker's trail


The Run

Spy Shagger


The runners take a rest


Runner's group photo

L-to-R: Captain Sumo, Spy Shagger, Beat The Meat, Rear Entry (and Absolut taking the photo?)


The Walk

The outward section of the walk was through the pine trees

L-to-R: Mad Dog, Doggie Style, Rim Job (behind), Cabrio-Laid, Coke Dealer


On the return and looking back - an almost empty beach


Walking back along the beach


A few brave souls are swimming even though the wind was quite strong and cool


The Circle


Mad Dog invites the hare Rear Entry into the circle






A bemused onlooker


Absolut drinks at the same time as Rear Entry downs his beer


Latecomers Oxymoron and Rim Job


Rim Job takes a bite from a lemon slice (but why?)



Doggy Style


Coke Dealer and Absolut





Mad Dog & Cabrio-laid for watering the trail





Spy Shagger




Oxymoron and Beat The Meat


Rear Entry, Beat The Meat and Captain Sumo





The Picnic


Satellite image showing the location of the start of the run and the picnic spot


The wind was strengthening as the picnic lunch progressed



The hashers brought lots of food & drink to share including Cornish Pasties, salads, fruit, and wine, etc





The directions to the hash - for the record


Sunday 29th May - 11am

Hare: Rear Entry

Venue: Schinias Beach [we will meet at the very end of Leoforos Schinias where it reaches the beach]

On Inn: PICNIC! Please bring food / extra booze to share etc…..

[also the weather looks to be good so bring your swimmers J]


Schinias Beach:


Method 1 (easy / scenic / moron / waste of petrol route):-
Go northwards up Kifisias Ave, continue past Kifisia / Erythrea / Ekali for
5km and turn RIGHT at the road signposted to Nea Makri. Keep on this road,
continue past Dionysos and past the German Cemetery. A few km after this you
will reach the Cafeteria PANORAMA at Agios Petros. *Continue right doooooown
the mountain and turn LEFT at the traffic lights at the bottom (opposite the
big church & AB supermarket at Nea Makri junction). Carry on along here for about 7 ks & turn right at the big supermarket onto Leoforos Souliou towards Schinias, then **.


Method 2 (shorter / mensa candidate route):-
Coming from Athens centre, take Leoforos Pendelis which leads you to Pendeli
village. From Pendeli take the road which goes across the mountain to Nea
Makri, at some point this road meets with the PANORAMA Cafeteria at Agios
Petros then * and **.

** After 6 k turn right onto Leoforos Schinias and keep on Leoforos Schinias [don’t turn right at traffic lights just before the coast] until it comes out at the sea ie the very end of the road.


GPS: 38.14333, 24.05100  


NOTE: The actual start of the run and picnic spot was at   38° 8'35.55"N, 24° 2'49.74"E


Lost? Directionally challenged?? Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: 6942 477992