Sunday 11.00 am

15th May 2016



Run 1952


Trail lengths
Runners: -- km
Walkers: -- km

Frosty Nuts

Starting location:

38.017836, 23.786093


Photos: Mad Dog & Rear Entry
GPS trail: Pussy Basher
Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The trail as recorded on Pussy Basher's Garmin GPS


Before the run

The first to arrive at Frosty Nuts pad


Frosty Nuts tells the hashers about the trail he's laid


He'd produced a map for the walkers


The Run and Walk

The runners - off they go!


The runners - from Left to Right: 

Tina, Frosty Nuts, Rear Entry, Pete the Meat, Pussy Basher, Cynthia, Eric


The runners at the "P" for photo stop






First stop - take Stress Cow's little Nike to the playground

Nice equipment. Shame it's for kids only.


A new-style roundabout rotating on rollers. Nike pulls it around.


The walkers MD & DS continue without Stress Cow & Nike on to the park...


The exercise machines in the park at the top of the hill


Mad Dog has a go


And so does Doggy Style


"Quick, take the photo as I can't hold this position much longer"


Later we meet Oxymoron and Dopey Bitch who had arrived late and went on their own walk.


The Circle

The hare Frosty Nuts

(RA Fair Cop was away on business so GM Mad Dog took the circle)


Frosty has the tankard with the hole (see side of tankard) but manages to avoid it leaking


We welcome back Pete the Meat and Absolut from Oz



Oxymoron and Dopey Bitch.  Oxy shows off his new GPS watch.


Our hostess for the day - Tina


Mad Dog & Doggie Style get a down-down for losing their way with a map


Pussy Basher




Pizza Lunch in the garden

Pete the Meat and Pussy Basher pose with the pizzas

Domino's special deal of 20 euros for 2 pizzas + mini-garlic pizza + potato chips

(we had 2 specials - costing just 4-euros each)

The directions to the hash - for the record

Next AH3 Hashing event:
Date: Sunday 15th May - 11am
Hare: Frosty Nuts
Venue: Filothei
On Inn: FN's Pad

Leoforos. Agias Filotheis 3, 15237 Filothei

It will be a PIZZA lunch, those who want to stay to eat will be expected to contribute towards the cost of the food.

We will meet at Leoforos Agias Filotheis 3.

From Kifisias Avenue:
Turn right at the light onto Leof. Agias Filotheis if coming from the north, this is approximately 1k after the Hygeia hospital. Immediately find parking on the street on either side of the road.

Or turn left at the light onto Leof. Agias Filotheis if coming from the south, this is approximately 1k before the Hygeia Hospital. Immediately find parking on the street on either side of the road.

Leof. Agias Filotheis 3 is a half a block off of Kifisias Avenue.

Geo. Coords:
38.017836, 23.786093