Sunday 11.00 am

8th May 2016



Run 1951


Trail lengths
Runners: 6.7 km
Walkers: ? km

Rim Job

Starting location:

38.14436, 23.88706


Trail image supplied by:  Pussy Basher
Photos & web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

The parking area and start of the run and walk


Showing the parking area, Marathon lake and Ag. Trianda church


Pussy Basher's recorded runner's trail


Before the run

The hash venue is the terminus and turning location for the public bus 507 and the roundabout is decorated by an old VW car


The hashers gather for a chat before the run and walk


Just waiting for the RA Fair Cop to start the pre-run circle


Then the proceedings were interupted by the arrival of the public bus No. 507

The Bus sign says "Christos Anesti" or "Christ has arisen"   (still from the Greek Easter last Sunday)


Finally the hare Rim Job gets to describe his trail


A short run, all downhill and no checks or falsies? Oh yea, a likely story?


The Run and Walk

The runners and walkers set off. The runners can be seen in the distance.


Having crossed the main road from Ag. Stefanos to the Marathon Lake dam and turned down the small road leading to
the lake and Ag. Triada church, the walkers come across these lovely views of the countryside.


The view as the walkers head down the un-made road towards Marathon lake



Doggie Style and Italian visitor Helga pose as Marathon Lake comes into view



The walkers arrive at Ag. Triada church

(From L-to-R: Doggie Style, Coke Dealer, Clitoria, Diane, Helga) (Mad Dog taking the photo)


The traditional Christian Orthodox Byzantine-style domed ceiling of Ag. Triada church


Icons and fragments of very old frescos in Ag. Triada church


We meet a group from the Republic of Moldova who are having a picnic to celebrate a young boy's birthday.

They very kindly share their tasty home made pies and rich-red wine with us.


Handing out the Moldovian home-made pies


Meeting the ladies at the table


Pussy Basher say's "cheers"


Doggy Style enjoys the pie and wine


So does Coke Dealer


Group photo (taken by one of the Moldovian boys for us).   From Left to Right ....

Back Row:
Vaseline, Diane, Rear Entry, Clitoria, Moldovian Lady, Man, Man-with-wine, Pussy Basher, Rim Job, Coke Dealer, Fair Cop, Mad Dog

Front Row:
Cynthia, Helga, Doggie Style, Eric


Vaseline leads us in a song with maovements...Hunting in the Forest (with a gun and two balls)


You meet a lady, you can't go round, you can't go over, but you can go under.


Diane sits and talks to two Moldovian children. The little girl amazingly spoke excellent English.
Their native tongue is Romanian and they learn Greek at school.


The jolly Moldovian ladies sitting at the picnic table next to the church. They are Orthodox christians like the Greeks.


The walkers head back to the start


Spring time in Greece brings out thistles in bloom


Walkers arriving back at the start.
Mad Dog had the beer and the runners are thirstily waiting for him to open his car.


The Circle

OK runners, what did you think of the run?

Rim Job the hare waits for the replies.


And what about the walkers?


Rim Job gets his down-down



Doggie Style pours the down-down beers and takes a swig from her Bacardi Breezer


Pussy Basher is called into the circle



Visitors Vaseline and Helga from the Milan Hash where Vaseline is the RA


Vaseline gets a welcome down-down


...and so does Helga





Eric's down-down



Diane throws her down-down beer away (beer-wastage ...shame!)


And Coke Dealer follows her bad example (and she should know better)


Mad Dog is given a break from taking photos to get a DIO too


Clitoria is called into the circle to promote the upcoming Hash Spring Weekend


Clitoria and Rear Entry


The Taverna

No taverna goers today.
Hashers still full from the Greek Easter ?


The Hasher's whisky
as suggested by Mad Dog


The directions to the hash - for the record


Sunday 08th May - 11am

Hare: Rim Job

Venue: Stamata [northern suburbs]

On Inn: tba



Run starts  ~1.5km past Stamata square, on the road towards Marathon Lake, where the 507 bus line ends.


From the South:

Go north on Kifissias Ave. past Kifissia, Ekali,etc. go to Drosia, turn right at traffic lights at Drossia main square, signs towards STAMATA.

You are on Drossias-Stammatas Ave now. At Stamata main square turn LEFT ( between the small church and Aetos / the Eagle taverna), on to Megalou Alexandrou rd.

Go (north) for ~1.5 km, keep to the Left on the y-forks,  keepin on Meg. Alexandrou / #507 bus stops.

There is a roundabout-to-nowhere, with a VW beetle-turned-flowerpot in the middle. Hash run starts there.


From Nea Makri etc:

go up to Dionyssos, turn right at T junction to Drossia ... continue as above 

From National Road:

exit at Ag. Stefanos, do not turn into Ag. Stefanos, go to Drossia, turn LEFT at Drossia Sq. traffic lights, go to Stamata etc.


OR: get on the 507 bus ( starts at Kiffisia main sq) and ride it to the beer-er end.


        GPS: 38° 08' 39.7" N, 23° 53' 13.4" E