Sunday 11.00 am

24th April 2016



Run 1950


Trail lengths
Runners: 7.1 km
Walkers: 5.8 km

Pussy Basher

Starting location:

37.807952, 23.784586


Photos: Mad Dog & Rear Entry

Web page: Mad Dog



The Trail

Parking and Circle


The runner's trail - From Pussy Basher's Garmin GPS watch


The walker's trail - from Mad Dog's iPhone Strava app.


The walker's trail - altitude profile (mirror image because returned the same way)


Hi-altitude view


Before the run


The hare steps forward to describe his trail


Flat, short, no falsies ... it's all fibs


The Run and Walk

The runners (in front) and the walkers set off from the car park


    >>>>> View from the Walk - Panoramic view >>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>

View of the thermal lake


Swimming and sunbathing in April


Doggy Style and Coke Dealer


The walkers


The walkers (including Mad Dog with a foot injury)



Impressive and scenic hairpin bends


Fair Cop taking a short cut back


Rear Entry with hare Pussy Basher


Runners and walkers meet up for a group photo


The Circle


The hare's down-down




Returnee from the past (Flesh Gordon or Jim-Jim's cousin)



The two FRB's - Rear Entry and Pussy Basher



Short Cutter RA Fair Cop


Even Wet Dream gets a down-down


The Taverna

The Psaraki (or little fish) taverna


Doggie Style giving the order to the waiter


The first two of four bottles of ouzo we drank


Clitoria poses with bottles 3 and 4


Mixed vegie plate of fried eggplant, aubergines, mushrooms, peppers


Mussels cooked in their shells - very tasty




Taverna business cards (they also serve meat dishes)


Taverna menu





The directions to the hash - for the record

Sunday 24 April – 11am

Hare:  Pussy Basher

Venue: Limni [Lake] Vouliagmeni - run starts at the car park above the lake

On Inn:  Fish taverna ψαρακι sxarapsaraki.gr/index.php/en

You could bring your swimmers if the weather is good!


DIRECTIONS to the start of the run: 


go South hashers!


Get onto either Leoforos Poseidonos, Leoforos Vouliagmenis or Leoforos Varis and head South for the coast. Once out of town you will pass through the suburb of VOULA and just carry on driving by the coast.

From where Leoforos Poseidonos, Leoforos Vouliagmenis and Leoforos Varis converge the distance to the Lake is 3.4k [see snip below]

Follow signs for Limni Vouliagmenis – you will need to turn off left, there is a road leading down to the lake do not take this but find the car park just off the main road.

See attachments for more info.


Public transport:

Red line metro to Elliniko then catch the 122 bus outside the station and it will drop you off next to the lake on the opposite the road.


For Sat Navvies:

Decimal Deg : 37.807952 , 23.784586
Deg Min Sec : 37° 48' 28,6272"N , 23° 47' 4,5096"E


IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call the hare: 6971 833990




Also notable this week

1. 400th Anniversary of William Shakespear's death on this Saturday 23rd April.

   (Meaningful for MD as he was born in Stratford-on-Avon).

2. Queen Elizabeth 2nd's 90th Birthday on Thursday 21st April.

3. Lighting of the Olympic Torch in Olympia on 21st April for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

4. Death of the singer Prince (body found in a lift)