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(Note: the family and friends contributions are in the top section of the text & photos and the hashers are near the bottom)


Message from Camel Toe

Dear all


Many, many thanks to those of you who have trawled through old photograph albums and dug deep into your memories to help me compile this tribute to Iain.  It was an idea generated from a chance e-mail I was copied into, between Fiona Taylor and Iain’s brother-in-law Robert Armour; and it has grown into something which has exceeded all of my expectations.


It hasn’t been easy.  I know that several of you have had to be very patient with me while I have tried to press you for more and more information, and I’ve even had photographs sent to me from overseas.  However, it has all come good in the end and I hope that you will all enjoy reading this.


I am sending it to you in time for our Easter day (although I know that Greek Easter is different) because I felt that it was somehow appropriate.  I wanted you to have this in advance of Iain’s next birthday so that we had something to unite us all, on the same day.


Happy birthday, Iain.  Thank you for the impact you had on all our lives.  Sleep well my love.


And thank you, thank you,  everybody.  For your own unique contributions.




26 March 2016