Sunday 11.00 am

21st February 2016




Run 1941


Trail length

 ... km

Pussy Basher

Starting location:

37°58'21.89"N, 23°43'4.65"E


Photos: Captain Sumo

Web page: Mad Dog



The Trail

The start of the run in the National Observatory car park on Filopappou hill


Before the run


FC drinks one for the trail


The Run and Walk

Pussy Basher the hare crossing a bridge across the metro line.

Looks like they are having a bad case of graffiti in this area!



Tranquil scene (no hashers?)


Athens is full of facinating ruins


Fair Cop



Rear Entry


Runners Rear Entry, Frosty Nots, Pussy Basher, and Fair Cop - with Captain Sumo taking the snap.


Frosty Nuts rides the escalator



Frosty Nuts and Rear Entry  with the Acropolis in the background



The Parthanon is still undergoing reconstruction and renovation after at least 45 years...

and it only took 10 years to build in the first place!


A great view!


Fair Cop, Rear Entry, Captain Sumo and Frosty Nuts


Cabrio-laid and Clitoria


Wet Dream and Fair Cop


The Circle





Rear Entry with Bouboulina


The lovely Spy Shagger



The directions to the hash - for the record


Sunday 21 February – 11am

Hare: P*ssy Basher

Venue: Filopappou Hill

On Inn: tbc




By Metro: Get off at Thesio metro (green line) and walk up the hill on the pedestrian road Apostolou Pavlou. Turn right towards Aghia Marina church. To the right of the square in front of the church there's a path that goes up to the National Observatory. Meet outside the Observatory by the steps that next to Phillappou Hill. 

By car: I don't drive in Athens so make your way to Pireous Street, central Athens. Driving south towards Piraeus, take a left turn to Thesio on Iraklion Street which turns onto Nileos. Be careful at the top of Nileos next to loads of cafes - do not follow the road around a sharp hairpin bend (on to Akamentos), but carry on (leftish) to what looks like a pedestrian walkway (cars are allow on this stretch) and take the second right turn. Follow this road uphill as far as it will go. Carry on for about 1km and turn right on Bikos which will take you up to the National Observatory. There are plenty of places to park there.


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For Sat Navvies:


GPS 37.972747 N, 23.717958 E     (Corrected)


IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call the hare: 697 1833 990