Saturday 20th February 2016

H4 Run 2000

NW Houston, Texas

Mc Pisser & GasLight

29°47'14.35"N, 95°38'16.97"W
End:   29°47'12.12"N, 95°37'48.06"W

Trail length approx. 8 km (5 miles)

Photographer: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog

Houston Hash's 2000th run had been widely advertised

and visiting hashers came from far and wide.


- T H E    T R A I L -

The start and end points were a short walking distance (Almost an A-to-A trail)


The trail was laid mostly on the dried-up swamp area which is often frequented by herds of deer
and sounders of feral pigs (which can be dangerous).


The walker's trail


- T H E     R U N -

Parson's Nose (Haberdasher) and Tender Vittles


Parson's Nose and Juices Flowing manning the haberdashery table



Lots of stuff for sale for the visitors


Flying the Houston Hash flag


McPisser gives the chalk (actually flour) talk

BN is for Beer Near, X is a check, F a falsie

Tender Vittles can be seen in the red T-shirt with dog Merlin



A huge turn-out for the run


About 200 hashers



The walkers set off on this mainly urban walk


Crossing a springy grass field


Crossing a drainage ditch


Walkers with their dogs


Flood defenses to protect the Energy Corridor oil and gas company buildings



The earthen walls of a massive flood defense reservoir


In a flood situation this reservoir would fill with water and the water would be diverted away in channels


A diversion channel


Walking along the top of the reservoir earthen wall


Walkers arriving at the On In. Most runners are still to arrive.



Mad Dog with son-in-law Tender Vittles



- T H E     C I R C L E -

McPisser, the RA needed a loud voice to control a circle of this size!

(Some hashers had gone home to prepare for the party later)


The H4 MMC

(Note Merlin sniffing around in the circle)


Hashers with more than 20 years of hashing are called in.

Parson's Nose is there in his H4 Happy Coat





A new hash shit made from a bathroom plunger is filled with beer.





Birthdays and Anniversaries are called in. It's Mad Dog's 71st birthday in a couple of days.


All those in kilts


H4 Happy Coat with lots of patches


- T H E     ON-ON -

Tender Vittles and Krazie Puppy getting ready for the
cowboy-themed Hash-2000 party



The Houston Hash House Harriers will celebrate their 2,000 trail on Saturday, February 20th! 36 years of Houston hashing have all lead up to this moment!

The 2,000 trail will take place early in the afternoon on a Saturday, followed by a MASSIVE party that evening in the heart of Houston. The party theme is RODEO and we’re going to live it up that night! There will be dinner, beer, booze, gimmies, live music, games, and possibly a burlesque show taking place at the party venue!

The party will be in the heart of Houston, near the museum district. We highly recommend using an Uber, bus, taxi, etc. to get there, as parking will be limited. This is not a campout, so if you’re coming from out-of-town, find a hotel, crash space, or dark corner of the party venue to pass out in.

Seriously, this is going to be the biggest one-day party H4 throws until the 3,000 trail in around 18 years from now. You want to be there! Tell your friends and bring out your long-forgotten hash brethern to attend!

DIRECTIONS (From the H4 web site)

When:  Sat, February 20, 1pm – 4pm

Where:   14230 Katy Fwy (map)


The 2,000th trail will take place EARLY at 1:00 PM Saturday on the west side (14230 Katy Fwy).

This will be an epic SHIGGY trail and the weather is expected to be HOT (80 degrees). Plan accordingly!

There will be plenty of parking for the trail Saturday (it's a Park & Ride lot). Please park in the North East Corner of the lot




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