Sunday 14th Febuary 2016

H4 Run 1999

North Houston, Texas


Tender Vittles, Parson's Nose, London Fag,
Putin's Pullout, Mad Dog

Start (A):
29°50'12.80"N, 95°23'4.49"W
End (B): 29°50'7.74"N, 95°23'32.27"W  

Trail length: km ( miles)

Photographer: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog


- T H E    T R A I L -

The start was at the Fiesta supermarket, 4711 Airline Drive


The end was at 451, Victoria Drive (almost next to the Deliverance Temple Church)




- T H E     WALK -

Houston hashers congregate for the start of the run and walk


Tender Vittles decided to be a live hare and is carrying his bag of flour


Doggy Style and Krazie Puppy


London Fag shows the marks that will be used on-trail.

Flour blobs mark the trail as usual, BC = Beer check, BN = Beer near, Union Jack = normal check,

The gender symbols mean male only and female only checks.


Hashers listening attentively to the chalk talk (well in this case, flour talk)


The walkers set off (Including Mad Dog, Doggie Style, Krazie Puppy & Sevi)




Doggy Style and Krazie Puppy with Sevi

Mad Dog following behind with Merlin the dog


- T H E   O N   I N -

The hasher's bags have been unloaded from the Sag Wagon (and laid out on the grass) and runners and walkers are still arriving.

Food tables have been set up by the hares. More hashers have turned up than expected.



A cowboy rides by. Most cowboys are actually black these days.


Tender Vittles with Sevi


Doggy Style with Karzie Puppy


Mad Dog with Juices Flowing (Mrs Parson's Nose)


Mad Dog with Son-in-Law Tender Vittles and Grandson Sevi


Hare Putin's ....


Merlin plays with the other dogs


- T H E     C I R C L E -

RA McPisser takes the circle


(L) Juices Flowing, (R) Parson's Nose




The Hares (The Brits) get called into the circle



A virgin hasher (new boots).

Virgins are made to wear a visibility vest on the run so the other hashers look out for them in case they get into trouble



Anniversarys (of their joining the hash) and birthdays


Parson's Nose with his son London Fag


Doggy Style with Sevi



Krazie Puppy with Sevi




Fun American disruption of the British theme


Beer ran out and Tender Vittles had to go out for more (hence empty case in circle)


- T H E     ON-ON -

At the re-HAB Bar on the Bayou

1658 Enid, Houston, TX 77009

The bar in the daytime

The beer garden at the back of the bar

The wood fire in the garden at night - as it was when the hash was there.



DIRECTIONS (From the H4 web site)

H4 Hash 1999 — My Bloody Valentine Hash

When: Sun, February 14, 3pm – 7pm

Where: Fiesta, 4711 Airline Drive, Houston (map)

Description: Here are the details for this Sunday's 1999th trail, hared by some of your favourite Brits! What will you get for your $5? You could get a trail that is no longer than 10 kilometers.

You may have the opportunity to meet and mingle amongst as many as SEVEN actual British people. You might enjoy a keg of good beer, a keg of piss beer, bangers and mash, vegetable curry, haggis and a smoked kipper. A bonus beer check sponsored by and in honour of the Brass Monkeys surviving 6 years.

Perhaps the on-after will feature the opportunity to do some dancing and maybe you will fall in love, I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray. Everyone who attends will receive a free hat. Please arrived dressed as your favourite Valentines British 1999 Monkey.



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