Sunday 11.00 am

7th February 2016

Mount Pendeli


Run 1939


Trail length

 ... km

Captain Sumo
& Clitoria

Starting location:

38.05792 N, 23.87608 E
Starting altitude: 501 metres


Photos: Captain Sumo

Web page: Mad Dog




S shows the start of the run











The Circle

















The Taverna




The directions to the hash - for the record

Sunday 07 February – 11am

Hare: Captain Sumo [assisted amply by the demure Clitoria...]

Venue: Penteli

On Inn: Some local taverna....


Insert these coordinates in your alligator 38.05792, 23.87608 or read on:


From Attiki Odos exit onto Leoforos Pentelis, (the road which goes up to Pendeli Village).
Ignore signs left to NEA Pendeli and carry on up the road up to PALEA Pendeli.

Pass the Monastery and Telis Taverna.

Eventually you come to Palea Pendeli village.

Pass through Palea Penteli village.

After the village turn right towards Nea Makri, after 400m there is a right turn up the mountain, STOP immediately after the turn and park [S on map], there is a sign for an old taverna 'Christos and his wench', the run starts here. [For those meagre few who turned up to the Pita race last Sunday it is the same point...]

For those coming the opposite way from the coast stop at the end of the mountain road just before the left turn towards Palea Penteli.



IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST..... or call the hare: 6971 863081